Executive MBA

International Business Seminar

As an Executive MBA student, you will enjoy an intensive 10-day trip to Shanghai and Beijing that will illuminate Chinese culture and demonstrate international business practices firsthand. Meeting business leaders in this rapidly transforming country will help personalize the headlines for you. You will learn more about how cultural differences impact behaviors and business decisions.

Iowa’s Executive MBA Program helps you gain the skills to understand the promise–and potential pitfalls–of doing business in other cultures.

  • Explore the Chinese culture’s effect on business practices in a workshop led by Shanghai business leaders
  • Discover consumer trends in China, and understand their impact on marketing, branding, and buyer behavior
  • Meet top executives during corporate visits with companies like Rolls Royce and GE China
  • Hear about China’s logistics and transportation situation, and how businesses are overcoming the associated challenges
  • Learn about global economics and public affairs with diplomatic representatives from the United States and China
  • Enjoy a cruise on Huangpu River and experience the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, and Tiananmen Square
  • As part of this credit-bearing trip, each study group selects and researches a Chinese company. In China, study groups visit their chosen companies and gather information that they synthesize and present to their classmates after returning to the U.S.

    Example International Seminar Itinerary - China

    • Arrive Shanghai via Chicago, transfer to hotel
    • Free time remainder of day
    • Orientation with faculty, international travel group representatives
    • Presentation: Insights into business practices in China - Presented by President/CEO of multinational company
    • Presentation: Marketing, Branding & Changing Consumer Behavior: Consumer Trends in China - Presented by executive with an international advertising agency
    • Group lunch and guided tour of Shanghai - Jade Buddha Templa, Yuyuan Garden & the Bund
    • Welcome dinner hosted by expat/partner at a Shanghai e-commerce startup
    • Company Visit 1 (in groups)
      • Import/export and warehousing corporation. Management presentation, discussion, tour of facility
      • Multinational healthcare conglomerate. Management presentation, discussion, tour of center
    • Visit to Chinese logistics corporation. Management presentation, discussion, tour of center
    • Cultural activity: Huangpu River Cruise
    • Study group company visits
    • Evening group dinner with guest speakers from the American Chamber of Commerce in China
    • Arrive in Beijing by train
    • U.S. Embassy visit, hosted by embassy staff
    • Remainder of day at leisure with suggested places to visit/activities
    • Guided tour: Forbidden City, emperor’s residence, Tiananmen Square
    • Cultural excursion options: guided shopping tour, the Summer Palace, The Great Wall, Olympic Village
    • Group dinner - Chinese hot-pot dining
    • Company visits, in groups
      • Integrated marketing company focused on SEO. Management presentation, discussion on strategies for Asian market
      • Power system manufacturer. Management presentation, discussion
      • Integrated Asian healthcare provider. Hospital visit/tour with CXO
    • Group lunch with guest speaker. Topic: starting - and dissolving - a business in China
    • Visit to technology start-up. Presentation and discussion on bringing tech startups to life in China.
    • Rest of day at leisure
    • Visit to multinational manufacturer. Management presentation, discussion, tour on manufacturing and production adaptation for Chinese market
    • Group lunch with guest speakers. Topic: Becoming an expat
    • Visit to Beijing law firm. Presentation and discussion on local legal practice and challenges.
    • Group dinner with guest speaker from U.S. Embassy