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International Reputation

Tippie consistently ranks as one of the top MBA programs in the United States.

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Norm Johnson

During a visit to the College, former CEO Norm Johnson shared a few of the "lessons he has learned along the way" to Tippie students just preparing to launch their careers. Read more...

The Impact Zone

Testimonials from EMBA Alumni

Michael Sherzan

"My experience at Tippie influences my thoughts and business decisions continuously. It provided me with the skills, the perspective, and the confidence to lead our firm in new and often unchartered directions."

Michael Sherzan, EMBA '99
Broker Dealer Financial Corporation



Victoria Sharp"The Tippie EMBA Program was a truly great experience. I'm much more strategic in my approach to project management issues, and my critical thinking skills consistently guide me in making solid business decisions."

Victoria Sharp, M.D., EMBA '03
Clinical Associate Professor, Urology,
University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics
Board Member of the Iowa Medical Society


N. Joseph Young"I know a lot coming in, but the EMBA Program clearly pointed out the gaps in my experience. The conversations I have within my organization are now several orders of magnitude more powerful than they were before."

N. Joseph Young, EMBA '08
Regional Vice President
Nationwide Insurance


Monica Vernon"The Tippie Executive MBA experience game me an outstanding big-picture view of what it takes to effectively lead a high-performance company in a competitive industry. My EMBA investment has paid great dividends, both personally and professionally."

Monica Vernon, EMBA '99
Vernon Research Group


Michael Maves"The Tippie EMBA accelerated my personal growth well beyond the practice of medicine. I learned a new language, the language of business. I developed competitive team skills, without which I could not successfully lead medical professionals as they navigate today’s complex health care management challenges."

Michael Maves, M.D., EMBA '88
Vice President/CEO
American Medical Association