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International Reputation

Tippie consistently ranks as one of the top MBA programs in the United States.

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Rod Lehnertz

Executive MBA course work and team projects helped prepare Rod Lehnertz for workplace challenges.

The Impact Zone

Dual Degree Program Curriculum

The curriculum builds cross-functional competencies and strategic perspectives.

Year One

The first year includes work in core areas such as quantitative methods, statistics, systems engineering fundamentals, marketing, managerial economics, financial accounting, managerial finance, and systems effectiveness. The first year also includes a five-day residency on the University of Iowa campus.

Year Two

In their second year, participants complete core courses in human resource management, managerial accounting, macroeconomics, and operations managmeent. The second year also includes a five-day residency on the Iowa State University campus, advanced business and engineering classes, and an international trip. The program concludes with the capstone course in strategic management, which is integrated with a creative component project in which teams develop a product idea based on new technology of interest to all members. The team will conduct research and develop a business plan to implement and market the product.


The University of Iowa / Iowa State University curriculum places a premium on practical value and experiential learning.

Classroom discussions serve as a laboratory for solving business issues faced on the job. For example, in the statistics course, participants are encouraged to share data sets and applications in areas such as compensation design and manufacturing process control. Student teams participate in business simulations, problem-solving discussions, and team presentations.

Additionally, individuals benefit from lectures, assigned readings, state-of-the-art analytic software packages, and distinguished guest speakers.

And perhaps one of the best learning experiences will come from the shared collective professional experiences of the other participants and faculty at the University of Iowa College of Business and Iowa State University College of Engineering.