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International Reputation

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Norm Johnson

During a visit to the College, former CEO Norm Johnson shared a few of the "lessons he has learned along the way" to Tippie students just preparing to launch their careers. Read more...

The Impact Zone

International Business Seminar

The Executive MBA International Business Seminar is designed to provide you with a global experience, expose you to a different culture, and demonstrate international business practices firsthand, to help you learn how to evaluate any country for potential business opportunities.

Preparation for the trip is integrated into the entire program, beginning with the introduction of a representative of the host business school during your first residency week. Mini-sessions discussing the culture, economics, politics, legal structure, and business practices are integrated with your regular courses. In addition, some basic survival language training is provided in preparation for the trip. Your study group will identify one company you would like to visit during the trip, and as a team, research, contact, and plan logistics to make that happen.

Once on the ground, you will visit many companies, attend classes at the host university, and meet with trade and diplomatic representatives from both the United States and the host country. You will also experience the culture of the country through meals, theater, and other special events. By the time you return to the United States, you will have a strong understanding of the business structure of the host country and will have developed a model to explore the business potential of new international markets.