Undergraduate Courses in Finance

FIN:3000/6F:100 Introduction to Financial Management (3 s.h.)
Financial management goals and decision making; valuation of bonds and stocks, risk and return analysis, portfolio diversification, market efficiency, asset pricing, cost of capital, agency theory, capital budgeting, financial planning. Prerequisites: 6A:002, 6E:001, 6E:002, and junior standing.

FIN:4050/6F:101 Directed Readings in Finance (arr)
Individually guided readings in selected topics. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

FIN:3400/6F:102 Principles of Risk Management and Insurance (3 s.h.)
Introduction to risk and insurance; risk identification and evaluation, demand for insurance, effects of limited liability, theory of moral hazard and adverse selection; business and personal risk; insurance as a risk management tool. Corequisite: 6F:100 or consent of instructor.

FIN:4420/6F:103 Property and Liability Insurance (3 s.h.)
Fundamentals of commercial property and liability insurance; commercial property and liability contracts, functions of property and liability insurers; regulation and financial analysis of property and liability insurers; marketing, underwriting, rate making, claim settlements. Prerequisite: 6F:102.

FIN:4410/6F:104 Corporate and Financial Risk Management (3 s.h.)
Analysis and treatment of pure and financial risks faced by business organizations; development and implementation of the risk management process, application of varied risk management techniques to identified exposures; how businesses manage risk and how insurance is used to manage the cost of risk; case studies. Prerequisite: 6F:102. Corequisite: 6F:110 or consent of instructor.

FIN:4430/6F:105 Life and Health Insurance (3 s.h.)
Types of life insurance and annuity contracts and their uses; regulation of life and health insurers; development of financial plans using life insurance products; social security, group, and individual health insurance products, including major medical, disability income, long-term care policies; marketplace analysis, contractual provisions, determination of human life values, mathematics of life contingencies and pricing. Prerequisite: 6F:102.

FIN:4440/6F:106 Employee Benefit Plans (3 s.h.)
Management of employee benefit plans (e.g., group life and health insurance, retirement programs); design, administration, and financing of employee benefits; federal administration or employee benefit plans; funding requirements, financial alternatives; funding and vesting of retirement annuities; design and management of health care plans, including “cafeteria” approach and nonqualified deferred compensation arrangements; economic effects and financing employee benefits and retirement plans in private and public sectors. Prerequisite: 6F:102.

FIN:4010/6F:108 Topics in Finance I (1-3 s.h.)
Contemporaneous issues in finance. Prerequisite: 6F:100.

FIN:4020/6F:109 Topics in Finance II (1-3 s.h.)
Contemporaneous issues in finance. Prerequisite: 6F:100.

FIN:3100/6F:110 Financial Information Technology (2 s.h.)
Applications of commonly used financial software and data systems reviewed by student teams. Corequisite: 6F:100.

FIN:3200/6F:111 Investment Management (3 s.h.)
Investment in marketable securities in domestic and international markets; financial markets, securities trading, evaluation of risk/return trade-off, formulation and implementation of investment strategies, efficient portfolio formation. Prerequisite: 6F:100. Corequisite: 6F:110 or consent of instructor.

FIN:4250/6F:112 Applied Equity Valuation (3 s.h.)
Valuation of financial securities using cases and financial information technology; macroeconomics and industry analysis, regulatory analysis, financial statement analysis, technical analysis, trading securities, active portfolio management, performance evaluation. Prerequisite: 6F:111 and UI cumulative GPA of at least 2.80.

FIN:4220/6F:113 Fixed Income Securities (3 s.h.)
Theories of fixed income securities, term structure of interest rates; asset pricing models, valuation of fixed income securities and contingent claims, fixed income portfolio management, immunization strategies, yield curve analysis. Prerequisite: 6F:100. Corequisite: 6F:110 or consent of instructor.

6F:114/FIN:4320 Commercial Banking (3 s.h.)
Management of commercial banks and financial service firms; asset and liability management, credit policy, capital risk, liquidity planning, use of swaps and derivatives to hedge interest rate risk, global banking, investment strategies. Prerequisite: 6F:100. Corequisite: 6F:110 or consent of instructor.

FIN:4330/6F:115 Investment Banking (3 s.h.)
How investment bankers interact with clients in access to growth capital, sales, trading, and investment banking; role of investment bankers through varied perspectives, including those of the client (e.g., corporate CFO, treasurer, corporate development officer) and service provider (e.g., investment banking professional). Prerequisites: 6F:100 and 6F:117 , or consent of instructor.

FIN:4210/6F:116 Futures and Options (3 s.h.)
Use of options, futures, and other derivatives securities in financial management; understanding types of derivative securities, markets, trading technology; applications of risk management and speculation; pricing relations with underlying securities. Prerequisite: 6F:111.

FIN:3300/6F:117 Corporate Finance (3 s.h.)
Advanced managerial decision making; corporate financial policy, dividend policy, agency theory, corporate restructuring, capital structure strategies, mergers and acquisitions; option pricing fundamentals, convertible debt, callable debt, warrants. Prerequisite: 6F:100. Corequisite: 6F:110 or consent of instructor.

FIN:4310/6F:118 Advanced Corporate Finance (3 s.h.)
Issues relevant to financial management, payout policy, financial distress and bankruptcy, restructuring, market for corporate control; recent research and cases from the corporate arena; other topics (e.g., bankruptcy) to broaden application and understanding of finance theory. Prerequisite: 6F:117

FIN:4340/6F:119 Wealth Management (3 s.h.)
Financial services for client wealth management; how to make personal investment decisions and build diversified, comprehensive investment portfolios; investment theory; common behavioral biases that lead to investment pitfalls, mistakes; wealth management objectives, portfolio risk and reward, asset allocation, portfolio diversification, tax shield structures, retirement plans, wealth protection, risk management, behavioral finance, psychology of investing. Prerequisite: 6F:100.

FIN:4230/6F:126 Real Estate Process (3 s.h.)
Fundamentals of real estate finance and investments; economic base analysis, asset analysis, market analysis, mortgage markets, underwriting, alternative mortgages, mortgage-backed securities, real estate securitization, land development, valuation principles, investment analysis, tax consideration, portfolio management. Prerequisite: 6F:100. Corequisite: 6F:110 or consent of instructor.

FIN:4240/6F:130 International Finance (3 s.h.)
International monetary systems, exchange rate determination, use of currency derivative in hedging and risk management, currency swaps, foreign direct investment, international corporate finance, international capital budgeting, international portfolio investment, Third World debt, privatization, joint ventures. Prerequisite: 6F:100. Corequisite: 6F:110 or consent of instructor.

FIN:3150/6F:190 Hawkinson Scholar Seminar (1 s.h.)
Advanced skill and understanding required for pursuit of investment banking, management consulting careers; specialized resume and interview training, industry presentations, relevant case assignments. Repeatable. Prerequisite: Consent of the director of the Hawkinson Institute of Business Finance.

FIN:3360/6F:191 Hawkinson Scholar Seminar: Topics in Finance (0 s.h.)
Subsectors in the financial services industry, including hedge funds, investment banking, commercial banking; valuation techniques used in real-world mergers, acquisitions, equity offerings, and debt financing. Prerequisite: Consent of the director of the Hawkinson Institute of Business Finance.

FIN:4900/A6F:199 Academic Internship (1-3 s.h.)
Professional internship experience with associated academic content. Repeatable. Prerequisite: Consent of John Spitzer (