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Exchange Magazine

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Greetings from the Department of Finance at the Henry B. Tippie College of Business, and welcome to the first issue of Exchange magazine, a new communications piece for finance alumni. We want you to know about the great things happening at the Department of Finance.

It's no accident this magazine is named Exchange. We chose this name because we want to engage you in an exchange of stories, ideas, and visions of finance education for the future. Our hope is something will spark your interest and you will want to know more or you'll be motivated to share what you see as a need in the finance industry. We want you to contact us, so please do! Share your ideas and comments with

Read the Summer 2013 issue online as a Flash flipbook or pdf document.

Cover of the Summer 2013 Exchange magazine

In the Current Issue

  • Tippie Assistant Professor Artem Durnev examines corporate social responsibility and how it impacts risk
  • MBAs spend a morning with billionaire Warren Buffett
  • The Vaughan Institute of Risk Management and Insurance launches its Young Alumni Board
  • A tenacious and resourceful undergraduate student, Jeremy Gorsky, shares his interviewing tips