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Recruiting Companies

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Samantha Lane

Samantha Lane, a biomedical engineer-turned-finance MBA student, knew that an internship was essential to her success. Read more...

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Finance Career Paths

Choose Your Specialty

Two specialty tracks are offered in the Finance Career Academy: Investment Management and Corporate Finance.

The Finance Career Academy will dig into the career paths available for each of these tracks and the specific skills needed for the positions that resonate with you.

Investment Management

Those with a passion for the world of investments will find a niche regardless of their unique strengths. Analytical skills are a must for all careers, but varying levels of certain talents can set you apart.

  • Portfolio Managers make the ultimate investment decisions for a firm. They establish an investment strategy, select appropriate investments, and allocate each investment properly. They must utilize strong decision-making abilities to manage all asset classes.
  • Research Analysts are investment experts in a particular industry. They have a passion for learning and a critical eye to determine the most important nuggets of information, and they possess strong quantitative skills.
  • Investment Bankers raise capital for companies and advise them on financing and merger opportunities. They operate in a demanding work environment, but some consider it a more exciting career avenue.
  • Private Wealth Managers enjoy seeing the fruits of their knowledge put to work in helping individuals attain their financial goals. Communication skills are critical in order to translate technical information into knowledge that can be shared broadly.

Refer to the plan of study and coursework for more detailed information.

Corporate Finance

If you're a natural problem solver, then a career in corporate finance may be an ideal fit for you. Corporate finance roles vary greatly, from working in treasury or cash management to corporate financial planning or investor relations. In a spectrum from accounting to investments, you can find a career in corporate finance that utilizes various levels of skills within these areas.

  • Cash Management and Treasury positions are focused more on the short-term liquidity needs of a firm, including the financial analysis to determine those levels.
  • Internal Financial Analyst positions require levels of budgeting, creation of financial plans, or multifunctional roles where you may be working with a team to manage the financial aspects of a particular division or product line. These positions include pricing, market analysis, budgeting, and all other aspects of planning to optimize the return of that division.
  • Pension Manager, Investor Relations, Internal Mergers, and Real Estate Investor are corporate finance roles that have an investment component. These professionals utilize various investment skills to manage these internal corporate functions.

Refer to the plan of study and coursework for more detailed information.