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Tippie Finance MBA Is CFA Program Partner

Ask managers at any investment firm what they look for when hiring and they’re likely to list competence, integrity, and passion. These qualities are notoriously difficult to measure, which is why having “CFA” credentials behind your name will provide you with a competitive advantage at every stage of your career.

This is why Tippie's Finance Career Academy worked to be named a CFA Program Partner in 2009. We're proud to be one of the select MBA programs in North America to receive this honorable designation.

The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®) designation is a mark of distinction that is globally recognized by employers, investment pros, and investors as the gold standard by which to measure serious investment professionals.

CFA Program Partner of CFA Institute

What does the Program Partner designation mean?

Our finance course content covers more than 70% of the CFA Program Candidate Body of Knowledge. The Body of Knowledge encompasses the content of all three CFA exam levels. Since each level requires more than 250 hours of study, taking advantage of an opportunity to study for MBA courses and the CFA simultaneously is the smart move.

Benefits for our finance students:

  • Access to a sample exam for the CFA Level I. This resource is reserved exclusively for students in the approved partner program, and it will help you prepare for and become familiar with the CFA exam.
  • Access to the CFA Candidate Body of Knowledge. Our finance students can review the complete set of knowledge required to pass all three exam levels and get a clear sense of what is covered before signing up for the exams.
  • Copies of official CFA Institute publications. The Tippie Finance Career Academy will carry subscriptions to the top four CFA Institute publications covering current topics in finance, with access open to all finance students.
  • Finance faculty with access to CFA Institute webcasts and podcasts. CFA webcasts and podcasts covering a variety of topics (including alternative investments, derivatives, and much more) act as valuable classroom teaching tools.

For more information about the Chartered Financial Analyst designation, visit the CFA Institute website.