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Real Money, Real Finance

The Henry Fund course puts finance theory to work with a multi-million dollar endowment fund. Select students become sector analysts and portfolio managers, researching companies, creating valuation models, analyzing industries, and making investment decisions.


Learn Alongside Leaders in Finance

MBA students interact with leading researchers and faculty, like Finance Professor Erik Lie. His research on stock option backdating resulted in a Wall Street Journal expose, regulatory investigations, and indictments against corporate execs.

Tippie MBA = Exceptional Return

From Iowa to Wall Street

Todd Nelson's MBA from Tippie garnered him the academic skills and the leadership experience he needed to prepare him for a career on Wall Street. Todd's first post-MBA job at Goldman Sachs put him in the center of the finance world and was the jumping-off point for a successful finance career.

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Henry Fund

Henry Fund

A select group of Tippie MBAs manage this award-winning equity portfolio.

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Tippie MBA Is a CFA Program Partner

Work towards a CFA while earning your MBA.

Recruiting Companies

Finance Recruiting Companies

View a sampling of the companies that recruit and hire our graduates.

The Impact Zone

Cara Wick

Within the first six months at a Fortune 100 company, she applied management science theories she learned and executed at Tippie and saved $2M for the firm. Read more...

The Impact Zone

Finance Career Academy

In the Finance Career Academy, you won't just learn about finance—you'll learn how to succeed in it.

Finance careers are best suited for critical, detail-oriented thinkers with strong quantitative skills. In the Finance Career Academy, we enhance these skill sets with challenging classroom instruction and real-world experience designed to prepare you for a career in investment management or corporate finance.

More Than a Student

In the Finance Career Academy, you'll do more than simply hit the books.

  • Consult with industry professionals solving real-time business challenges
  • Analyze and manage a real equity portfolio in the Henry Fund
  • Discuss financial challenges with industry leaders such as Warren Buffett
  • Work toward your Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®) designation
  • Make connections with the business community through company visits, speakers, and alumni outreach.

You'll develop your knowledge and expand your finance experience. You'll transform into the leader you want to be.