Career Academies
Warren Buffet with a student

Tippie MBAs share lunch with The Oracle himself, Warren Buffett, at Berkshire-Hathaway's Omaha offices every other year.

Recruiting Companies

Recruiting Companies

Tippie finance grads find employment with a variety of employers and industries.

Henry Fund


The Graduate Financial Management Association is Tippie's finance student org.

The Impact Zone

Cara Wick

Within the first six months at a Fortune 100 company, she applied management science theories she learned and executed at Tippie and saved $2M for the firm. Read more...

The Impact Zone

Building Your Business Network

Tippie's network will help you market your most important asset: yourself.

As a student of the Finance Career Academy, you have access to over 40,000 business alumni and 235,000 University of Iowa alumni.

CNBC's Jim Cramer visits Tippie

We'll help you build business relationships that will expand your existing network into an even more valuable resource. The Finance Career Academy directors—in addition to Tippie faculty, deans, and staff—are well-connected with today's business leaders both nationally and internationally. This indispensable network is infused into the Finance Career Academy, presenting opportunities for you to form valuable bonds with prominent finance professionals.

Network with Business Professionals

  • Gary Kabureck, Xerox corporate vice president; Roger Ferguson, TIAA-CREF president and CEO; and John Rice, General Electric vice chairman are only a few of the prominent speakers to visit our campus to meet with students.
  • Attend the Knapp Lecture Series, where you'll meet outstanding managers and creative thinkers. These top executives and corporate pioneers share their experiences directly with you.
  • Discuss issues with business leaders while managing consulting projects.

Alumni Network

Every MBA program touts the size of its alumni network, but size isn't the key. The key is involvement. We keep a database of hundreds of alumni who've expressly volunteered to help our MBAs make connections and find internships or full-time positions.

  • Connect with thousands of Tippie alumni around the country and the globe. Alumni like Thomas Kloet, Toronto Stock Exchange CEO, and Valery Salyamov, vice president of Strategic Planning & Development, Volia Cable, Ukraine.
  • Attend Tippie alumni events held throughout the country.

Connections Through Student Organizations

Finance students visit The Oracle of Omaha. Can you spot Warren Buffett in this group of Hawkeyes?

Student organizations work with the Finance Career Academy to coordinate annual trips to Chicago, Minneapolis, or New York. Travelers visit alumni and companies, hear speakers address topics of interest, and participate in team competitions.

  • Maximize the value of connections via Tippie's Graduate Financial Management Association organization to build your business network.
  • Meet Warren Buffett face-to-face during a leadership development trip (Tippie students meet with Warren Buffett every other year in his Omaha offices).
  • Compete in the RISE competition as an analyst with the Henry Fund, where student-run portfolios are judged based on performance (Tippie recently won its 4th straight RISE award for small-cap investment).