Career Academies

A Snapshot of Our Students

Meet a few of the finance academy students at Tippie. We hope to show that no matter your background or career path up to this point, if you're passionate about finance, you'll find the right fit here. Our students come from a variety of backgrounds—years of work experience, age, country—so take a moment to meet a few.

2015 Graduates

Adam Conzemius

Adam Conzemius, MBA 2015

Hometown: Ames, IA
Education: Bachelor Degree in Management Information Systems & Psychology, Iowa State
Work Experience: Quality Analyst, RuffaloCody, Cedar Rapids, IA

"I always thought an MBA degree would be the best way to enhance and develop business skills beyond just working with an undergraduate degree. I feel I can develop financial, leadership and soft skills much quicker in an MBA program than through work experience alone. I originally started in the PM program, but switched to the full-time program because it is more encompassing of what I want to learn, including a wide variety of additional opportunities not available through the PM program. I chose Tippie because they provide an outstanding opportunity for networking, in addition to the curriculum that provides a number of unique experiences. I also chose Tippie because I know their Career Services team is fantastic at helping in the job search and providing connections to current Tippie students."

Allan Dantas

Allan Dantas, MBA 2015

Hometown: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Education: Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering, University of Sao Paulo
Work Experience: Manager, Accenture, Sao Paulo

"I decided to get my MBA because I wanted to develop business background besides the IT experience I had, so I could build experience for consulting. I also want to broaden my knowledge and exposure to the current market. Because of this, I wanted an MBA program that was ranked high in finance. I chose Tippie because I wanted a well-ranked school in a smaller town, since I have a family. I was also looking for a school that would provide me with a high return on my investment. After considering these factors, I decided Tippie was the perfect place for me!"

Katie Carlson

Katie Carlson, MBA 2015

Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Education: Bachelor Degree in business administration, Lindenwood University, St. Charles, MO
Work Experience: Mortgage Loan Coordinator, Citigroup Inc., St. Louis, MO

"My goal for getting my MBA is centered on the desire to develop my business skills further, specifically in the area of Corporate Finance. I believe an MBA will give me the skillsets needed to develop a career in finance. I have had several family members graduate from the University of Iowa over the years, so I have heard what a great reputation Tippie has. After researching the school, I really like the strong support system and connections that Tippie provides for its students in regards to career services, and how closely engaged all of the students are with each other, the alumni, and the teachers."

2014 Graduates

Lawrence Epperly

Lawrence Epperly, MBA 2014

Hometown: Milan, IL
Education: B.S. in Finance, University of Iowa
Work Experience: Table Games Floor Supervisor, Riverside Casino and Golf Resort, Riverside, IA

"I always knew that getting my MBA was something I wanted to do at some point. I knew that getting my MBA was the best way to get into the job positions I desire in the future. Starting this year seemed logical because my wife will finish her medical degree the same time I will finish my MBA. We can both capitalize on our advanced degrees to hopefully capture the jobs we would like. I chose Tippie because of the convenience to my home and the academy structure appealed to my interests."

2012 Graduates

Justin Lawrence

Justin Lawrence, MBA 2012

Hometown: Des Moines, IA
Education: B.S. in Finance, Iowa State University
Work Experience: Branch Manager, Wells Fargo, Waterloo, IA

“I decided to come back to school for a couple reasons.  I felt (and still feel very strongly) that getting an MBA was the best way to propel my career while acquiring advanced technical skills in Finance.  I chose Tippie because I felt it was the best fit for me with its engaged career services staff, alumni recommendations, and various rankings.”

Eric Eckerman

Dan Haut, MBA 2012

Hometown: Lockport, IL
Education: B.A., Business Administration, University of Iowa
Work Experience: Investment Analyst, American Equity Investment Life Insurance Co, West Des Moines, IA

“As a University of Iowa alumni, choosing Tippie felt like coming home. I came back to school to enhance my marketability and advance my career goals. I chose Tippie because of its strong reputation in finance and the CFA partner program. I have access to countless alumni who offer great perspectives on career options and my exposure to potential employers will undoubtedly help me find a successful career after graduation.”

Salima Rattansey

Salima Rattansey, MBA 2012

Hometown: Islamabad, Pakistan
Education: MBA, Marketing of Financial Services, Institute of Business Administration
Work Experience: Team Leader – Corporate Banking Group, Habib Bank Limited, Islamabad, Pakistan

“After working for the largest private commercial bank in Pakistan for more than seven years, I decided to return to school for another MBA. I wanted to refresh my skills and knowledge about global financial markets, as well as see how things are run in the U.S. I chose Tippie for its high ranking finance program, but also for the diversity amongst students from a variety of cultural backgrounds. I was always involved with volunteer projects and community service in my hometown and Tippie’s emphasis on philanthropy allows me to stay involved with the local community.”

David McAllister

David McAllister, MBA 2012

Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO
Education: B.S. Business Management, Brigham Young University
Work Experience: Merchandising Distribution Analyst – Payless Shoesource, Topeka, KS

“The economic crisis and mistrust in the financial world was still in everyone’s mind, so I wanted a school with integrity. Tippie’s top-notch reputation and personalized program made for an easy choice. The coursework has prepared me to look at any business situation and confidently navigate towards a solution. You get into a business school to get a job. The personal attention of Career Services combined with the network of business and alumni contacts available to you at Tippie will help you find one.”


2011 Graduates

Jason Carlson

Jason Carlson, MBA 2011

Hometown: Fremont, NE
Education: B.S. in Business Administration, Economics & Management, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Work Experience: Programmer Analyst, EMC Insurance

"I've had a strong interest in finance since I was an undergrad. I would read the WSJ, the Economist, Barron's, and I loved building financial models. It was a hobby, but over time I started to think about how to incorporate it into my career. At first, I was going to get my MBA part-time because I liked EMC Insurance and I wanted to build a career there. As I did more research, I felt the full-time program was a better fit. Class selection is more extensive, especially for the high-level finance classes. The opportunity to be part of the Henry Fund was the clincher. I am really happy with my choice."

Eric Eckerman

Eric Eckerman, MBA 2011

Hometown: Janesville, WI
Education: BBA in Accounting & Finance, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Work Experience: Senior acocunting, finance, and business project roles, CNA Insurance, Chicago

"I've always been fascinated with numbers, puzzles, and how things work. The world of finance allows me to combine all three using valuation models and analytical frameworks to research and understand markets, business transactions, and economies. After working in corporate finance for a few years, I knew a role more closely aligned with the markets and valuation appealed to me. I wanted a world-class MBA program that would challenge me while enhancing my abilities. I found the perfect fit with the Tippie MBA and my fellow students. The rigorous academic work, the applied experiential learning in the Henry Fund, and the team focus of the program give me the opportunity to succeed in my career and as a leader."

Wes Harrington

Wes Harrington, MBA 2011

Hometown: Urbandale, IA
Education: B.S. in Computer Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Work Experience: President, Harrington Homes

"When I moved from IT to the homebuilding industry, I knew I'd need to educate myself in business. I began the daily habit of reading the Wall Street Journal. After awhile, I realized I was gravitating toward the finance section and found that I had a passion for pursuing a deeper understanding of finance. That passion led me to Tippie.

"I grew up in Iowa, so I know we have one of the finest education systems in the world here. I took it as a given that Tippie would have top-notch faculty, and I have not been disappointed. What has really impressed me is the drive and dedication of my fellow students. Tippie is a place where you can push yourself beyond what you thought were your limits and find your true potential."

Nidhi Shah

Nidhi Shah, MBA 2011

Hometown: Bangalore, India
Education: BBM Finance, Bangalore University
Work Experience: Equity Advisor, Kotak Securities Ltd., Bangalore

"I have a strong passion for numbers and managing funds. My role as an equity advisor helped me understand the broad investment arena, how stock markets function, what is expected out of an advisor from a client and company perspective, and how to manage risk in client investments. I came to realize my interest in corporate finance and the MBA as the best way to make the transition from investments to corporate finance. As I researched programs, Tippie became the attractive choice with its high-ranking finance program, strong curriculum, top-notch faculty, and great value. My experience has given me the foundation, but Tippie will ensure I move into corporate finance thanks to the technical expertise I'll gain here."

Kshipra Pitre

Kshipra Pitre, MBA 2011

Hometown: Bangalore, India
Education: B.E. in Telecommunication, VTU, India
Work Experience: Senior Business & Quality Analyst, Principal Financial Group, Des Moines, IA

"I always wanted to live in Manhattan; but I came to Des Moines and fell in love with the Midwest. After six years of work experience in project management, business development, and consulting, I knew it was time to go back to school to acquire skills in the backbone of business: finance. I wanted a quality experience and superior education in an MBA program. The Tippie finance program, which is ranked 9th in the world, was my top choice for two main reasons. It has the benefit of being a small program and the individuality of each student is valued. When I'm not studying, I enjoy cross fit (training for a marathon), reading, and taking piano lessons."