Global Learning Opportunities

Tippie's not just in the middle of the country... we're in the middle of the world.

Megan O'Rourke

Whether you're raising capital in Dubai, meeting with clients in Shenzhen, or at a product launch in Prague, your ability to adapt to different customs, cultures, and traditions needs to be second nature.

At Tippie, you'll tour companies in Guangzhou or São Paulo as part of the Global Learning Opportunity every Tippie student experiences. You'll take finance classes covering European equity derivatives. You'll advise clients on consulting projects that impact business around the globe. At Tippie, everything you do fosters your transformation into a global leader.

Global Learning Opportunity (GLO)

A group of Tippie MBAs arriving in Hong Kong

The Tippie Full-time MBA program curriculum includes a Global Learning Opportunity that every Tippie MBA experiences, typically during winter of the second year. GLO destinations include Hong Kong, Chile, India, United Arab Emirates, and more.

Students choose from two to three destinations and travel abroad for 6 to 8 days of intensive, on-the-ground exploration of operations, finance, trade and commerce, and much more. These programs give you a front row seat to how international business is conducted through corporate visits and interactions with seasoned professionals and Tippie alumni.

A typical GLO itinerary includes eight corporate visits to a diverse list of companies, but we also ensure that fun is part of the schedule. Our team plans activities (from sand dune buggy driving to a wine tasting in the Andes) that allow you to explore a country's commerce and its culture.

The GLO fulfills the course requirement for MBA:8500 Seminar in International Business.

Diwali pictureGLO Costs, Fees, and Subsidies

GLOs have two associated costs:

  • Airfare. Students should budget approximately $2,000 for round-trip airfare. Reimbursement of up to $1,000 towards the cost of your round-trip ticket is available to assist with this expense. Reimbursement will be awarded based on a student receiving a grade of B or better in the class and the submission of required materials after the completion of the GLO.
  • Program fee. Approximately $2,700 and covered by the School of Management. This includes on-the-ground costs such as transportation to/from company visits, some meals, accommodations, etc.

Students may attend two GLOs, but students must pay the program fee on a second GLO and will not be eligible for the airfare reimbursement.

2016 - 2018 GLO Destinations


January 2017 United Arab Emirates
January 2017 Vietnam and Singapore
May 2017 Hungary, Austria and Czech Republic
January 2018 South America
January 2018 Hong Kong and China
Spring 2018 TBD

Additional Study Abroad Programs

Tippie offers options for gaining international experience that can be taken in addition to the GLO or that can be used to fulfill the global requirement with prior approval. You may also be able to use the GLO program subsidy toward one of these alternative experiences. Check out the menu of options here, which include:

  • a winterim in India
  • coursework in Italy (CIMBA) or Germany (WHU) in May before heading to your internship
  • an exchange to Rotterdam School of Management at Erasmus University in the Netherlands (8-week module or full semester available in fall or spring of your second year).
  • Couple these with the Global Learning Opportunity described above, and you'll understand why Tippie students graduate with a keen eye for global leadership.


    See a collection of photos and quotes from past GLO participants in our Recollections Book.