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Marketing Academy Plan of Study

Map out your plan of study in the marketing academy.

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The Impact Zone

Marketing Career Academy Coursework

Pomerantz Center MBA Classroom

The Marketing Career Academy coursework is designed so that students can learn by doing and experiencing, whether it be through brainstorming social networking initiatives or building actual analytical models for clients. The act of doing is the umbrella under which skills are gained:

  • Building quantitative/analytical skills that are imperative in an increasingly data-driven market
  • Drawing on student's creativity and ability to think conceptually and with a marketer's intuition
  • Cultivating leadership and the ability to inspire others with courage and compassion

Required Academy Courses

The Marketing Career Academy plan of study consists of carefully selected marketing courses that build upon the required foundation courses. All students who select the Managing Customers, Products & Brands track take the following academy courses:


You'll choose ten electives to broaden your knowledge base (two must be Marketing courses). Find a full list of School of Management courses and descriptions on the electives page.