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The Impact Zone

Zach Bromert

This former Hawkeye put his Tippie marketing degree to work at Nike as global footwear product director.

The Impact Zone

Experiential Learning

Experience is the key to success in any endeavor.

Professor Gruca coaches Miles Kirkpatrick and Reed Knox in their experiential learning project

Every time you apply classroom knowledge with real-world experience, you're giving companies another reason to hire you. The Marketing Career Academy not only provides coursework that allows for experiential learning, but it provides hands-on opportunities through its experiential learning projects.

Business Consulting Project—Year One

Your first consulting project is facilitated by the Business Solutions Center in spring semester. This project is strategic in nature and will require stepping outside your comfort zone as you work on cross-functional business issues. You may have the opportunity to work in a role that's compatible with your interest area, but often you'll find your skills are challenged in new ways.

Hands-on Academy Project—Year Two

Solving Real Business Issues for Real Clients

Distinctly different from the first-year project, the hands-on projects in the third semester cross industries and marketing functions, including market research, consumer insights, brand or product management, and general marketing strategy. Every student in the marketing academy participates in an academy project.

Tippie marketing students have been consulting with real-world organizations since 1989. A handful of highlighted projects are described below.

Frontier Natural Products Co-op Headquarters

Frontier Natural Products Co-op is a rapidly growing business specializing in organic and natural products, including spices, foods, teas, oils, aromatherapy, and body masks. The Tippie MBA marketing team helped Frontier evaluate its current CRM efforts, especially those utilizing the latest social and interactive media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, the web, etc.). The team is creating a detailed strategy, including plans for execution.

Shoppers may not realize it, but a product's packaging sends a message. The Tippie team is also helping Frontier examine how their packaging communicates and supports key brand positioning points. For any packaging that doesn't make the cut, recommendations are gathered to ensure packaging sends not just a message, but the right message.

Marketing students doing marketing research in Madrid

Hormel Foods, a CPG food & beverage company, tapped Tippie's marketing consultant team to identify a target European country for introduction of the company's flagship product: SPAM. Hormel also needed a comprehensive market entry strategy once a country was chosen.

The Tippie team researched consumer behavior, potential market size, political and socioeconomic factors, competition, category makeup, trademark protection, and legal issues in all EU countries.

The consulting team ultimately narrowed the candidate countries to Spain, the Netherlands, and the Czech Republic and dispatched a group to each country for a week of field research. Their final report recommended a large-scale product launch in Spain.

HNI Corporation

Tippie's marketing consulting team was approached by HNI Corporation, the second-largest office furniture manufacturer in North America, to research the possibility of entering the Brazilian market. 

The project started with a market analysis, including in-depth research of the market to determine its size and revenue potential. The team researched segmentation, trends in Brazil that affect demand for office furniture, and determined key competitors.

The team traveled to Brazil to conduct on-site research with customers, manufacturers, and the commercial architects and interior designers who heavily influence office furniture decisions. Analyzing their data brought conclusions about the idiosyncrasies of Brazil's competitive environment and how Brazilian consumers purchase office furniture. More importantly, the on-site research revealed the critical product requirements HNI needed to integrate into its designs to satisfy different segments of customers.

A final report quantified the attractiveness of the market and recommended a specific entry strategy, including distribution, pricing, product, and selling strategies. 

Mystery Fortune 500 Company

The Tippie consulting team worked with the Brand Manager for a leading manufacturer of food-storage products on conducting a market segment analysis and building the framework of a marketing strategy for a particular consumer segment. The team worked very closely with IRI Panel Data as well as Scanner data to determine key metrics related to the food storage product's volume sales, revenues, penetration as well as consumer behavior in the consumer segment throughout the U.S. and regionally. Key recommendations were to move forward with a dedicated marketing plan towards the target segment as significant growth was seen in this market. Further, there were specific regions and specific products where CDI (Category Development Index) could be improved through awareness and potentially promotion.

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