Specializations—Academic Tracks

Like the world's best companies, we focus on our strengths. And focusing on what we do best has allowed us to build programs renowned for depth and innovation.

Your 60-semester-hour plan of study will be customized based on the academic track you select. Each track is housed within a career academy. Think of the career academies as your "home" during the Tippie MBA experience; a community of individuals with your same interests, all working toward being 100% prepared on day one of your post-MBA career.

The links below describe the required courses and electives for each track, with links to a list of careers you can pursue with this academic background. A basic plan of study for the Tippie MBA is located at the bottom of this page.

Marketing Career Academy Finance Career Academy Business Analytics Career Academy
Managing Customers, Products, and Brands Corporate Finance Business Analytics
Investment Management


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