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Recruiting Companies

Recruiting Companies

Tippie finance grads find employment with a variety of employers and industries.

Speakers at Tippie

Tippie Business Strategy Association

The student organization for SI academy students.

The Impact Zone

Chris Buckner

Getting an MBA supported Chris Buckner's desire to stay in the aviation/aerospace industry and have a greater impact in his company. Read more...

The Impact Zone

Your Business Network

Tippie's network will help you market your most important asset: yourself.

As a student of the Strategic Innovation Career Academy, you have access to over 40,000 business alumni and 235,000 University of Iowa alumni.

In the SI academy, we'll help you build business relationships that will grow your network into an even more valuable resource. The SI academy directors—in addition to Tippie faculty, deans, and staff—are well-connected with current-day business leaders nationally and internationally. We focus on exposing you to highly successful innovative individuals and companies, those on the cutting edge of innovation and process improvement.

Network with Business Professionals

Networking at Tippie
  • Jerre Stead, chairman of IHS; Doug Goschke, chairman of Simpler Holdings; and Clay Jones, retired CEO of Rockwell-Collins; these are just a few of the impressive executive speakers to visit Tippie and meet with students.
  • Attend the Knapp Lecture Series, where you'll hear from outstanding managers and creative thinkers. These top executives and corporate pioneers share their experiences directly with you.
  • Discuss current topics with business leaders at business/academy seminars, using the opportunity to discuss one-on-one with execs.

Alumni Network

Every MBA program touts the size of its alumni network, but size isn't the key. The key is involvement. We keep a database of hundreds of alumni who've expressly volunteered to help our MBAs make connections and find internships or full-time positions.

  • Connect with thousands of Tippie strategic innovation alumni around the country and the globe—like Jesse Finch-Gnehm, manager of Strategy, Process, and Analysis for Air BP; Eliot Weiner, Public Sector general manager at United Stationers; Rutwa Naik, performance improvement coordinator at Thorek Memorial Hospital; or Chris MacDonald, senior consultant at Carpedia International.
  • Attend Tippie alumni networking events held throughout the country.

Connections Through Student Organizations

The Tippie Business Strategy Association (TBSA) works with the SI Career Academy to coordinate annual trips to cities like Chicago, Minneapolis, and New York to visit alumni and companies, host speakers who address hot topics, and facilitate team competitions.

  • Maximize the value of the connections created via TBSA to build your business network.
  • Tour companies like like Accenture Technology Labs, Mission Measurement, Patterson Medical, and PricewaterhouseCoopers.
  • Compete in innovation case competitions throughout your time at Tippie.