Child Care & Health Insurance

Child Care Costs

Students with children requiring full-time day care can expect to pay approximately $140 per week for each child. In addition, married students should add about $3,200 to the living and personal expenses figure for a spouse and approximately $2,100 for each child.

The University of Iowa has resources available to assist you in locating day care. Visit the UI's Child Care Programs page for more information.

Health Insurance

International students at The University of Iowa are required to have health insurance. In addition, students are strongly advised to provide health insurance for any dependents who will be here with them to cover costs of possible accidents or unexpected illnesses.

A reasonably priced group insurance plan with provisions for individuals and families is available through the University for international and domestic students. The cost ranges from $1,350 per calendar year for a single student to $8,616 per calendar year to cover a student, spouse, and children. Students who receive a graduate assistantship qualify for discounted health insurance rates (ranging from $136 per year for individuals to $2,580 per year for a student, spouse, and children) as well as dental insurance discounts.

Visit the UI Student Health Insurance Plans website for plan rates and specific benefits included each of the available health plans.

The University Student Health Service provides medical care for all registered students. Minor surgery is performed and routine laboratory procedures can be completed onsite. The Student Health Service staff can draw on any of the specialty services of University Hospitals and Clinics for consultation and/or treatment by referral.