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The Impact Zone

Todd Nelson

MBA alum Todd Nelson considers the Tippie College's Full-time MBA Program the gem of the Midwest.

The Impact Zone


Instead of requiring you to secure recommendation letters, we'll collect contact information for your 2 recommenders, and reach out to them only if the admissions team deems it necessary.

If you wish to procure the letters on your own before submitting your application, send your recommenders to this page, where they can submit their recommendation using the link above.

Submitting Recommender Names

The online application collects your recommender names and contact information.

Choosing Recommenders

Your recommenders should be familiar with your professional achievements. If you don't have work experience, your references should be familiar with your academic achievements. Select references that know you personally and are able to assess your potential for success in a rigorous academic environment and a business career.

If you or your recommenders prefer to send the letters before they are requested, they can submit the recommendation through our online recommendation form or fill out and mail the PDF recommendation form. Please note that this method is optional.

Questions About Recommendations?

Contact Bailey Carlisle (, MBA Admissions Coordinator, with questions about recommendations.