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"The most impactful experience was sitting across from every C-level executive and sparring with them about our ideas. We would challenge their opinions and then they would challenge us. That kind of experience doesn't happen every day and certainly not in the classroom."

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Putting Theory into Practice

by John Carter, 2014 MBA Candidate

The Business Solutions Center warmly welcomes Mark Winkler as its new director. Mark comes to the program with over 25 years of experience as a global business development and strategy officer for major corporations and, most recently, as the MBA Marketing Career Academy Director.

“Experiential learning is increasingly becoming a key component of an MBA educational experience - the component that sets a stellar MBA program apart from the rest - and Mark’s background in executive management and business development makes him the ideal person to lead this effort,” writes Dean Jay Sa-Aadu.  “When you combine his business skills with his skill in guiding and mentoring students, it’s clear he is the right person for the job.”

Goals for the program are centered on building value for both students and the businesses they serve. Mark stressed that his contributions to the program will be evolutionary, not revolutionary, as he will be building off the successes of his predecessor. Winkler’s immediate goal is to further integrate the classroom theory into the real world experiences faced by student consulting teams.

Stihl STIHL consulting group, Spring 2012

His plan to achieve this goal starts with working in concert with MBA faculty to develop a standard project management template and a consulting toolbox. The consulting toolbox will include the critical learning frameworks introduced in the MBA courses for use in solving clients’ needs. This will afford the students invaluable opportunity to put theory into practice and find the gaps in their own knowledge. It will also help faculty and advisors to keep their course materials up-to-date with current practices in the field.

In the long term, Winkler suggests that the program looks toward international development. This will not only give students a broader understanding of the business world, but will also offer them the opportunity to work on cross-cultural teams.

By focusing on these goals, Winkler looks forward to building upon the successes of the BSC’s past and working toward continued excellence. His strategy is to work from the market back toward the classroom in order to give students the most relevant experiences possible.

If you would like to secure a Tippie MBA team to complete a consulting project for your company between January and May of 2013, please contact Mark at 319-384-1969 or