Team Allied

MBA Strategic Business Consulting

Connecting leading companies with cross-functional teams of MBAs, Tippie's Business Solutions Center brings teams of MBAs together with professionals to solve real business problems. Clients get access to leading analytical talent at an affordable price, while students learn to apply theories to real-world settings, grounding education in reality.

Team Starcom

Providing Perspective for Classroom Learning

Apply academic theory outside the classroom, and watch real learning happen. A Tippie consulting team is doing just that, working with Starcom to generate ideas and strategic analysis to help the media agency become Millennial-ready.

Team Goodwill

MBA Consulting Makes the World a Better Place

A team of Tippie MBAs worked with Goodwill of the Heartland to launch a monster cookie complete with bakery, delivery, and a retail sales strategy to benefit the non-profit's operations across the U.S.


Cross-Functional Teams Bring More to the Table

Iowa City Area Development is using Tippie's cross-functional team - and its expertise in strategy, marketing, and finance - to evaluate the need, required investment, and potential benefit of a food enterprise center in the local area.

Team Principal

An Insider Look at Up-and-Coming MBA Talent

Working closely with their MBA consulting team, companies get insider access to potential new hires before making hiring decisions.

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The Buzz: Alum

Miles Kirkpatrick

Miles Kirkpatrick
Solutions Sales Specialist - Xbox & Social Gaming
MBA 2010

"The most impactful experience was sitting across from every C-level executive and sparring with them about our ideas. We would challenge their opinions and then they would challenge us. That kind of experience doesn't happen every day and certainly not in the classroom."

The Impact Zone

Tippie MBA Business Solutions Center

What We Do

The Tippie Business Solutions Center (BSC) brings together cross-functional teams of MBA students to deliver unique solutions to businesses, backed by extensive research and innovative ideas.

As an MBA student, you'll be part of a hands-on transformational experience that grounds classroom learning in real-world action. Your MBA team will hone its skills through guidance from experienced business leaders versed in the intricacies of consulting.

For BSC clients, the benefits are clear: they can tap into the collective ability of a team of MBAs working exclusively on their project. The team's diverse backgrounds in finance, marketing, technology, and strategy bring added perspective and expertise as they work remotely on highly analytical projects over 17 weeks. Every project carries a set of deliverables, milestones, and management presentations.

Working with the BSC gives clients access to leading analytical talent at a very affordable price, plus the opportunity to "test drive" potential hires prior to making internship or full-time hiring decisions.

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