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The Tippie MBA Business Solutions Center team has begun recruiting clients for Spring 2012 projects! Bring your business challenges to our MBA consultant teams, and let us produce solutions through highly analytical and cross-functional strategic consulting. In this issue, learn more about the types of projects that are ideal for the BSC and our work with four BSC clients: Materna Medical, Eaton Corporation, AEGON Transamerica, and ACT.

  Kickoff Lunch

About the University of Iowa’s Business Solutions Center

Rich Boulger with Eaton ExecutivesTippie MBAs immerse themselves in a 15-week real-world business consulting experience through The University of Iowa's Business Solutions Center, headed by former Accenture partner Rich Boulger. Teams of MBAs from all areas come together to help business and industry leaders solve highly analytical business challenges.

The BSC is currently accepting inquiries for 10 consulting projects for
the Spring 2012 project season and hope to have the project selection finalized by early October.

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Spotlight Project: Materna Medical - Launching a New Medical Device

Materna Project TeamFew projects have a worldwide impact as significant as Materna Medical's. The company's innovative medical device, designed to prevent soft tissue damage in mothers during childbirth, is in clinical trials currently. As Materna prepares its go-to-market plan, a team of Tippie MBAs developed a detailed business strategy to help Materna bring a safe, saleable medical device to market. The team's work is helping the cause: improving the quality of life for millions of women around the world.  Read more…

Perspectives: Clients Describe Their Experiences with the BSC

Perspectives from Clients

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What Kinds of Projects Are Right for the BSC?

Project TriangleWhile we provide top-notch service to all of our clients, certain project scopes best fit our capabilities: Large Scale Data Analysis, Market Entry/Expansion Strategy, and Strategic Decision Support. Our teams are divided based on the needs of each project. We examine each MBA's professional background and consider expertise in finance, marketing, technology, and strategy. A data analytics project from a technology sector company, for example, would likely be matched with a team of students with previous experience analyzing large data sets.  Read more about ideal project types…

Behind the Scenes Guidance from the Directors of the BSC

Rich Boulger and Shannon Juergens, Directors of the BSC, guide students throughout the project by meeting with every project team no less than once per week. They push each MBA consultant to go above and beyond the client's expectations and ground their work to actionable recommendations. Read more about the Directors…