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Sustainable (“Green”)
Meetings and Events

RecycleYou can help minimize waste and maximize recycling by planning your meeting or event with sustainability in mind.
This guide will help you plan accordingly.

ClearStream ClearTainers

ClearStream ClearTainers Reservations

ClearTainers are available for your use so you can recycle plastic bottles, beverage cans, etc. You may reserve the ClearTainers by contacting the Dean's Office front desk staff at 319-335-0862. Usage information is available.

The College has three ClearStream ClearTainers that can be checked out and used at your event. They are easily transported and will encourage attendees to separate and recycle designated materials (such as plastic bottles, aluminum cans). Depending on the size of your event and what you'd like to recycle, you may need more than one container. Typically, one container for each garbage can is the optimum number for your event.

When the event is over, you may leave the bag of recyclables on the dock in PBB. Please wipe off the containers and return them clean to the Dean's Office as soon as possible after your event. This document will give you additional information about using ClearTainers at your event.

To reserve one or more containers, contact the Dean's Office front desk staff at 319-335-0862.

The form below may be used to reserve rooms in the Pomerantz Center.

Office hours are from 8am-5pm Monday-Friday. Room reservation requests made outside of those times will be scheduled the next business day. Thank you.

Rooms in PC:

  • Study rooms (available beginning at 8am M-F)
    C329, C331, C333, C335, C337, C339, W328, W330, W332, W333, W341
  • Computer classrooms: C425 PC, C435 PC
  • Large meeting rooms: C410 PC (the Exchange), C434 PC
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