Recruiting Tippie MBAs

We don't believe recruiting is a one-size-fits-all process. We are committed to providing multiple avenues for you to gain access to Tippie MBAs for your hiring needs.

Hire Tippie MBAs (MBA Focus)

On Campus Recruiting

Company presentations are a great way to build your brand on campus. These visits can be coordinated in conjunction with on-campus interviews, or you can elect to conduct interviews at your own location. Interview space fills quickly during peak recruiting times, but we do our very best to ensure your experience at The University of Iowa is a positive one. Please contact Shauna O'Grady at to schedule your visit. Tippie On-Campus Recruiting Handbook

Direct Referral Service

Sometimes a visit to our campus is not the most efficient way to recruit our students; so we've developed a direct referral process that allows us to actively engage with you. Because we work very individually with our students, we feel uniquely positioned to understand your business, corporate culture and hiring needs and refer potential right fit Tippie candidates within your hiring timeline.

By posting your full-time and internship opportunities in our recruiting system we are able to direct students to your website to complete applications, and this also enables us to track student interest internally. When your posting expires, we will follow up with a PDF resume bundle including specific feedback on individual candidates and their potential fit within your organization.

Job Postings

Once you've established an account in our recruiting system, posting positions is easy. Alternatively, in understanding how busy you are during the recruiting season, let us take the stress out of this process for you! Please email your position descriptions (full-time and intern) to Shauna O'Grady ( and she will be happy to post the details on your behalf. We will contact you directly with any specific questions to ensure an effortless and efficient process.

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