The Impact Zone

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The Impact Zone

For Students

At Tippie, we believe that the worth of your MBA is defined in two ways. First, it provides opportunities, expands your options, and enlarges your vision by introducing you to new ideas. Second, it allows you to climb higher, achieve your goals, and go beyond what you thought possible.

Tippie MBAs excel in diverse roles and industries all over the world. They are bankers, investment analysts, corporate finance professionals, category managers, brand managers, strategists, general managers, entrepreneurs, consultants, and operations management professionals. That's just the beginning. Our experienced and well-connected MBA Career Services team offers you individual attention, support, and training to help you find the career path that’s right for you.

You'll also see an impressive return on your investment at Tippie. On average, our graduates accept MBA salaries that are double their pre-MBA earnings.