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Your Own Road Map to Success

The Business Acumen and Career Development course is a four-semester experience that empowers you to identify obstacles that may keep you from achieving your dream career. You'll design a detailed professional development plan to keep you on course to achieving your goals.

Full-time MBA students explore ethics challenges

Can Ethics Be Taught?

Business leaders face ethical decisions every day. You'll learn how to use ethical decision-making models to improve your problem solving and keep your moral compass pointed due north.

Learn from the Best

Learn from the Best

You'll get regular exposure to high-profile business leaders right on campus. We encourage you to raise your hand and ask questions. Create a dialogue and learn from their valuable experiences.

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From A Students Point of View

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Why the Focus on Leadership?

To get your foot in the door at most any company, and to take your career to the next level, you have to prove your ability to lead.

Leadership is a critical component woven into the entire Tippie MBA. You'll be inspired and learn how to lead through carefully crafted coursework, personalized development planning, assessments, and most importantly, by putting what you've learned into action.

We don't approach leadership with a cookie cutter.

Instead, we offer a program designed to help students identify their own specific strengths and developmental areas. We recognize that not everyone wants to lead a team (or a corporation). So certain aspects of our leadership curriculum are optional, to allow those who want to dive deeper to really immerse themselves.

The result is stronger leaders who are more confident, more innovative, and prepared to lead on day one.

Leadership: What We Believe

Every great leader had an inspiration.

We believe the world's great leaders can trace their ambition back to the one person who inspired them to become great. One man or woman they met who made them instantly wanted to be just like them. Helping you find your inspiration is our goal.

  • Connect with executives from the world's top companies—and stay connected.
  • Be inspired by leaders speaking to you and your classmates on campus.
  • Pose your questions to leaders and learn how they make decisions in a more private setting, over lunch with a small group of students.

Each of us is exactly like no one else.

We build leaders based on your needs as individuals, not by forcing you to conform to a popularized ideal. Being the best leader you can be means receiving personalized training designed to bolster your individual strengths and improve where you need it most.

Show me and I'll understand.

Get behind the wheel and put leadership strategies to work through opportunities for action and real-life insight into leadership.

We have a responsibility to make our world better.

Tippie Build 3 groundbreaking

In this post-recession economy, social responsibility is more critical now than ever.

  • Spread the word through consulting projects with a better-world spin, like creating a go-to-market plan for a new brain aneurysm stent.
  • Lend a hand to domestic violence victims. Serve food at the homeless shelter. Or swing a hammer to build a home for a family in need.