The Impact Zone

Tiffani Orange

Tiffani Orange built a career at Ford Motor Company on the foundation of her Tippie MBA degree.

The Impact Zone

Put Your Leadership into Action

Tippie MBAs meet with employers they'll be working with in a Business Solutions Center consulting project

Tippie MBA students gain regular exposure to best-practice leadership research and theory. During an intro leadership course, which is taken prior to your summer internship, you'll explore the mechanics of power and influence, learn to grow employees, and discover how to use the social styles of your team to get the job done. You can choose to hone additional skills through electives as well as hands-on experiences since we know that students learn best by doing; especially when it comes to leading a team.

Students are given the opportunity to put leadership techniques and theories into action on many levels.

The business world requires people to work successfully in teams that depend on persuasive rather than positional leadership. The learning team is a laboratory meant to cultivate these leadership skills. A diverse group of five to six students is randomly assigned to collaborate on assignments throughout the first year.

Accept a Leadership Role in a Student Organization

Put your newly honed leadership skills to good use by running for a leadership position in the MBAA (the overarching student org for Tippie MBAs) or one of a variety of other student groups. Help determine policy, plan trips and fund raisers, and manage volunteer manpower—everything you'll do as a student org leader will put more of your new leadership skills to work.

Lead Your Team to a Case Competition Victory

Tippie MBAs accept the RISE award

Case competitions are the "varsity sport" of MBA programs. Graduate schools and corporations around the world sponsor these contests where students compete to solve real-world business problems. Tippie MBAs have a reputation for excellence in these contests.

Direct a Team of Consultants Solving Real Business Issues

Volunteer to lead a Business Solutions Center consulting team to address real-life issues for a real consulting client. Manage relationships with the client, build a team atmosphere, motivate your peers, and inspire your teammates to go above and beyond and exceed expectations.

Serve as a Mentor to First-year MBAs

Learn by teaching and mentor first-year students as they settle in to their Tippie experience. As part of Tippie's Coaches Program, second-year students provide leadership, support, and career guidance to first-year MBAs. Your partner might help you get acclimated to the program and community, get involved in activities, practice with mock interviews, and more. Serving as a coach improves your leadership and communication—skills highly sought after by MBA recruiters.