The Impact Zone

Jon Finley

As a second-year Tippie MBA Jon Finley tackled his summer internship with a singular goal: to convert it into a full-time job offer. His strategy of networking and hard work helped him achieve his goal. Read more...

The Impact Zone

Business Acumen and Career Development

The four-semester Business Acumen and Career Development experience prepares you to identify the opportunities and obstacles you may encounter on your career path, then works to design a detailed action plan to take advantage of every opportunity and overcome each obstacle. In short, Business Acumen and Career Development helps you develop valuable business and personal insights and achieve your career goals.

Networking at Tippie


This experience isn't about textbooks and lectures--it's interactive and hands-on, built to develop your skills in a couple of key areas:

  • Career Pathfinding: Each week throughout your four semesters at Tippie, you will meet with your career academy to build depth within your chosen career field, apply academic concepts to the busniess world, and be exposed to relevanat information important to your major that does not clearly fit into academic coursework. Academy time includes presentations from top executives at companies around the U.S. that allow you to hear firsthand about career paths you might not have considered. Even better, exposure to these leaders will build your network and inspire you to greater heights.
  • Professionalism: The Career Development component, particularly in your first semester, gets you job-search ready. You will gain tools to effectively market yourself to employers, communicate personal brand and vision, succeed in the job search process, demonstrate professionalism in various business venues, and grow a personal sphere of influence.