The Impact Zone

Erik Lie

Integrity is alive and thriving at the Tippie College. One gleaming example is visible in the work of Finance Professor Erik Lie. Read more...

The Impact Zone

Your Road Map to Success

To get somewhere you've never been before, you need a map or a really good GPS system. Think of the Individual Development Plan (IDP) as your own road map to success.

Professional coaching between academy leadership and students

The Individual Development Plan

The Individual Development Plan (IDP) is an action plan to improve very specific skills through a personalized assessment, coaching, planning, targeted development activities, and reassessment. In other words:

  • We'll work with you to find out what's standing between you and success by studying results from personalized assessments. We'll assess your talents, personality traits, leadership style, teamwork, and emotional intelligence.
  • You'll work with your personal coach to create a plan to overcome these roadblocks.
  • The plan will be made up of targeted activities intended to develop the skills you're concentrating on for improvement.
  • You'll reassess yourself (and your team will too) to see how much progress you've made.

Some common skills targeted for improvement are:

  • Networking and communication
  • Personal and time management
  • Self-awareness
  • Team building for work teams
  • Motivating and inspiring others
  • Delegating and providing constructive feedback
  • Building effective relationships
  • Managing conflict and negotiation

The PDP is contained in a digital portfolio, making it easy to track your efforts and progress.

Personal Coaching

Taking on a task as challenging as personal growth deserves a little help, and we provide the guidance through your career academy coach. You'll work with your coach to create specific action items, share your progress, and get valuable feedback.

Career academy coaches monitor each student's progress and personally coach them throughout the entire program as they work hard to develop vital soft skills—the skills employers want in the MBAs they hire.