UI Sustainability Projects

Recycling, composting, LEED design, biomass fuels, green fleet vehicles, and more.

Eco-Iowa City

Read more about the initiatives to make Iowa City more sustainable.

Social Responsibility & Ethics

Lehman Brothers. Bear Stearns. Bernie Madoff. Government bailouts. ING and Citibank. Enron. Worldcom. Huge executive bonuses.

No one can argue that social responsibility and ethics in business carry more importance now than any time in recent history.

Many have asked the question: What are B-schools doing about it?

We don't assume our students will simply absorb traditionally sound Midwestern values by osmosis. We go out of our way to teach the ethics and social responsibility that are requirements for the next generation of C-suite execs.

Domestic Violence Intervention Program Partnership

Domestic Violence Intervention Program

Tippie MBAs volunteer as peer counselors for women who are victims of domestic violence. As these women work to reclaim their dignity and take responsibility for their family, Tippie MBAs are there to help. Show them how to create a resume that mock interviews to perfect interview skills...and brainstorm a job-search strategy.

Consulting for a Better World

Tippie consulting projects often have an impact on the community and the world. Some examples:

The Chicago Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired

A Chicago Lighthouse employee shows a blind man how to make tortilla soup

A team of five Tippie MBA students worked with the Lighthouse to develop a pilot project to outfit as many as 1,000 children in the Chicago area with GPS-enabled cellphones. The program's goal is to help children navigate their neighborhoods on their own and become more independent, in an effort to combat the 70% unemployment rate among blind/visually impaired adults.

The Tippie team worked in Spring of 2010 to test devices, develop a list of corporations and organizations that can be solicited for contributions and funding, and made initial contacts with some of them.

The students are also developing a brand for the project, including a name and image. Although the students will spend only one semester on the initiative, they see their job as getting it off to a good start.

"There's an overwhelming amount of tasks, and we're trying to organize it and set some priorities for them," said team member Tara From, a first-year MBA student. "That's the biggest difference we think we can make in such a short time."

Read more about the project in the April 2010 project press release.

The Ponseti Method

The Ponseti Method

The Ponseti Method, pioneered by the late University of Iowa orthopaedics professor Ignacio Ponseti, is a noninvasive procedure that treats clubfoot without surgery. Even though his method is proven to be far better than surgery, few doctors in developing countries use it.

Tippie marketing MBA students worked with Ponseti to research Indian doctors' perceptions of the Ponseti Method. The team prepared a marketing plan to make sure more doctors in developing countries were aware of the nonsurgical treatment.

"This project was a great opportunity to apply the skills we're learning in class to a real-life situation, but it's also a huge opportunity to make a difference in the world and improve the lives of so many children."
Adnan Fazal, Tippie MBA student

Read more about the MBA students' work with the Ponseti Method in the winter 2008 edition of
Business at Iowa magazine (article begins on page 20).

Service Learning AwardsTippie MBAs serve up soup and a sense of humor at the local homeless shelter

What you reward, you'll get. We demonstrate how important community service is by handing out annual awards to those students who do the most for their community without expecting anything in return.