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Net Impact


The mission of Net Impact at Tippie is to raise awareness of and participation in socially, economically, and environmentally responsible activities that inspire and challenge Tippie MBAs to incorporate sustainable values into business decisions and practice.

Vision Statement

Net Impact is the next generation of business leaders, using our talents to contribute to social, economic and environmental good in every sector.  We are an example of smart sustainability, creating a positive Net Impact for the bottom line as well as for people and our planet.

Core Values

We observe that sustainable business creates:

  • Significant improvement to bottom lines
  • Business innovation for the environment and social benefit
  • Social entrepreneurship and Corporate Social Responsibility



Kim Johnson - President

Academy: Marketing
Augustana College, Social Science
Prior Career: JET Programme & Political Campaigns
Why this student organization and position?  Net Impact is a good fit for my personal values and utilizes my previous work and volunteer experiences well.  I believe in having a positive impact on the surrounding community, the power of grassroots organizations, and the value of working toward a sustainable future – all things that Net Impact encourages as well.
Interests: In my free time, I enjoy reading, traveling, tennis, and volunteering. I also like learning new things, such as pottery, cooking, or languages.

Jason Haase - Vice President

Academy/track: Strategic Innovation, MBA/Engineering Joint Degree
Undergraduate institution: Iowa State University, Engineering
Prior Career: Production Engineer, The Dow Chemical Company
Why this student organization and position: Net Impact represents MBA students who want to stand at the intersection of business, sustainability, and corporate responsibility. With my background and career aspirations in water treatment technology, Net Impact allows me to contribute to our community here in Iowa but also build leadership skills for my future.
Interests: tennis, fitness and all other sports, cooking, reading

Michael Redmond - Sustainability Coordinator

Academy/track: Strategic Innovation / Supply Chain and Analytics
Undergraduate institution: Creighton University, Mathematics
Graduate Institution: Creighton University Master's of Education
Prior Career: K-8 Spanish Instructor
Why this student organization: I have always been interested in working with a team to serve the community.  The issue of sustainability is pertinent to business solutions now and in the future, and I wanted to be a part of creating the change necessary to preserve the environment around us.
Interests: I am an avid bowler and my next closest sibling is 20 years older than me.

    Non-Profit Consulting

    The Net Impact Consulting Group is a collection of Tippie students providing consulting services to organizations making a positive impact on society. The projects give Tippie students the opportunity to apply some of what they've learned in the classroom to the real world, helping great organizations improve their effectiveness and efficiency in fulfilling their mission. (Estimated 1-2 hours per week)

    Current non-profits participating:
    Community Health Initiative – Haiti
    Johnson County Heritage Trust
    Friends of the Animal Center Foundation (FACF)

Board Fellows

The Board Fellows program places Net Impact Tippie members on non-profit boards for one-year fellowships. Board Fellows are active participants on non-profit boards, attending board sessions and getting involved with committees and relevant projects under the mentorship of a current board member.  (Estimated 5-8 hours per month)

Of his board fellowship with Table to Table, 2nd year marketing student Jeff Curran said, "My experience with Table To Table, and with Net Impact as a whole, has allowed me to learn skills one day and apply it the next to a totally new organization, solving a completely different local problem."

Current non-profits participating:
Shelter House
United Way of Johnson County
Iowa City Children's Museum
Table to Table
Johnson County Heritage Trust
Community Mental Health
Iowa Women's Foundation
Riverside Theater
Elder Services

    Sustainability Summit

    For four years now, we have hosted a Sustainability Summit on a Friday in early spring. The summit draws in over 180 students, business leaders, and community members with the goal of discussing sustainability in business. The theme of our 2014 summit is Empowering the Future of Business, and featured speakers with years of experience incorporating sustainability into smart business practices. Our 2014 Summit speakers will include Scott Walters, VP of EcoBusiness Lighting Control at Schneider Electric and Matthew Mehalik, Ph.D., Program Manager at Sustainable Pittsburgh.

    Past participants include representatives from:
    Frontier Natural Products Co-op
    Quaker Oats
    Prairie Ventures
    Kum and Go
    Deere & Co
    Mission Measurement