Pre-MBA Checklist

Your first semester at Tippie may mark a return to school after several years away from the books. Before classes begin, we recommend that you refresh your skills and get a head start on learning new information, as well as getting a jump on your internship search.

1. Tippie Jumpstart: A Head Start to Your MBA Job Search

MBA Career Services and the rest of the Tippie team is eager to partner with you in preparation of your internship search and career development. Tippie Jumpstart provides you with information and guidance to get you started toward job search success. Information will be sent to you via email about the Jumpstart program over the summer; look for this message at the email address you used during the application process. If you have committed to enrolling and not heard from Career Services within 4 weeks, please contact us.

2. New Student Information Form

This form collects information so we may order your personal items -- name badges, name plates, etc. -- and report class statistics to rankings publications. You'll receive a personal email from program staff with a link to the form. If you have not received your email by August 1, please contact us.

3. MBA Expectations Survey

The results of this survey will be used to shape your student experience. You'll receive a personal email from program staff with a link to the survey (along with the link to the New Student Information Form). If you have not received your email by August 1, please contact us.

4. Purchase Textbooks

The list of required textbooks for Fall 2014 will be updated as the book list becomes available from faculty. You will need to have your books in hand on the first day of classes. Many students prefer to buy used editions online ahead of time to save money.

5. Review IMPACT Week schedule

The IMPACT Week schedule is available here and will be updated regularly.  Attendance at IMPACT is mandatory for all students.  The schedule contains dress code information and all the details. 

Students have the opportunity to attend optional but highly recommended Boot Camps that will help you to hit the ground running in your MBA coursework: Advanced Excel Boot Camp and the MBA Accounting Workshop. Details on dates/times are available on the IMPACT schedule.  You'll receive an email requesting your RSVP to these sessions. If you haven't received this email by August 8, email Jill J. Tomkins.

6. International Student Orientation (International students only)

Attendance is mandatory for all international students.  Presented by the Office of International Students and Scholars, you may see the schedule herePlease plan to arrive in Iowa City no later than August 10, 2014.

7. Optional: Pre-MBA Math

Tippie offers a robust core curriculum designed to develop a solid foundation within each student. Many incoming students have expressed a desire for quantitative/math review before they arrive on campus. Although not required, we highly recommend students complete MBA Math.

If you choose to undertake additional preparation, view our Pre-MBA Math Prep page for details.

8. Optional: Excel Skills Review

Professor Patrick Johanns will be leading an Excel Boot Camp on Saturday, August 16.

Excel is used extensively in several Tippie courses. Attending this session is not mandatory but is highly encouraged. You'll receive an email requesting your RSVP to these sessions. If you haven't received this email by August 8, email Jill J. Tomkins.

Topics to be covered in the boot camp:

  • Intro to Navigating Spreadsheets
  • Excel Formulas
  • Excel Charting
  • Pivot Tables
  • Data Filters/Sorting
  • Statistical Excel Functions, Data Analysis Toolpak
  • Advanced Excel Formulas (array formulas, IF, VLOOKUP, COUNTIF, CONCATENATE, etc.)
  • Data Tables
  • Goalseek
  • Solver

Basic Excel (9:00 am – 12 pm, C425 Pomerantz Center)
Advanced Excel (1:00-3:00 pm, C425 Pomerantz Center)

9. Optional: Writing Skills Review

Equally important to your success is the ability to communicate your analyses clearly. If you are unfamiliar with standard business communication formats, you may wish to review this material. Two excellent references are The Business Writer's Handbook by Charles T. Brusaw and The AMA Style Guide for Business Writing. International students who are not familiar with American standards or formats for business communications are strongly advised to review one of the above references.

10. Optional: Microsoft Office/Technology

The Tippie MBA is very quantitative in its approach to solving business problems and you will use computers extensively. For these reasons, it is important that your skills are current in basic tools for business analysis.

You will develop your computer skills as part of your coursework in your MBA program. While you will receive instructions on specific technical software, it will be very helpful if you are familiar with word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software when classes begin. You will use Microsoft Office products throughout your MBA study.

The Saturday before IMPACT Week, an optional Microsoft Excel review will be available for incoming students. If you need instruction on other parts of the Microsoft Office suite, we recommend seeking out classes or workshops in your area, or reviewing the many self-study resources both online and at bookstores.

As an enrolled student, you can use your Student ID and proof of registration to purchase MS Office for free! Get yours at the University Book Store's Tech Connection with a valid student ID and proof of registration (MBA students register for classes during IMPACT, so you can purchase yours any time after that).

Computers and Technology

View recommendations for computers and technology and the resources available to you as a Tippie MBA student. This information is also included in the admission binder sent to admitted students.