MBA Textbook List

You will need textbooks at least a few days in advance of the first class session -- many classes have reading assignments due the first day. You'll receive access to course syllabi on Thursday of orientation week, so you'll want to have your books so you can start any reading assignments over the weekend.

You are not required to order your materials before arriving on campus, but you may want to do so to obtain a competitive price. You can buy on campus or through other vendors of your choice, including or other online retailers. All materials are available, at a minimum, either through Iowa Book & Supply or the University Bookstore unless otherwise specified, though you may find better prices through online vendors.

Fall 2015 Core Course Materials

First 8-week Module (August 24 - October 16)


MBA:8100 Business Acumen & Career Development
Textbook: No textbook required.

MBA:8120 Management in Organizations
Textbook: No textbook required. Reading pack to be assigned.

MBA:8140 Corporate Financial Reporting
Textbook: Financial Accounting for MBAs
Easton, Wild, Halsey & McAnally
6th Edition
Publisher: Cambridge Business Publishers
ISBN: 978-1-61853-100-1
On-campus Vendor: Iowa Book and Supply (also available via online retailers)

MBA:8150 Business Analytics
Textbook: Data, Models, and Decisions - The Fundamentals of Management Science
Bertsimas, Dimitris and Robert M Freund
ISBN: 0-9759146-0-X
Available at Amazon and from other online retailers

MBA:8160 Managerial Economics
Textbook: Microeconomics
Besanko, David and Braeutigam, Ronald R.
5th Edition
Publisher: Wiley 2014
ISBN: 0470563583

Second 8-week Module (October 19- December 18)


MBA:8120 Management in Organizations
Textbook: No textbook required. Reading pack to be assigned.

MBA:8180 Managerial Finance
Textbook: Corporate Finance
Jonathan Berk and Peter DeMarzo
3rd Edition (note: the version without Finance Lab Access if fine)
Publisher: Pearson
ISBN-10: 0133097897

MBA:8110 Marketing Management
Textbook: A Framework for Marketing Management
5th edition
Publisher: Pearson/Prentice Hall 2012
ISBN: 0132539306
On-campus Vendor: Iowa Book & Supply (also available via online retailers)

MBA:8190 Operations Management
Matching Supply with Demand
Cachon and Terwiesch
3rd Edition, 2012
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
ISBN-10: 0073525200