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Jennifer Johnston Torrez

Jennifer Johnston Torrez


MBA 2003


Account Manager, GE Healthcare Services, Detroit, MI

When Jennifer (Johnston) Torrez was considering MBA programs, she was specifically interested in a program that would not only fit her personal needs, but also offer challenging and innovative programs to prepare her for career growth. She found exactly what she was looking for at Tippie.

She chose the Tippie MBA because the size of the program enabled her to easily interact with faculty members and staff.

“The professors’ open-door policy was exceptional. My instructors were always accessible. They knew me by name and that meant a lot to me.”

Following graduation, General Electric hired Jennifer. She hit the ground running in a particularly innovative industry and credits her Tippie MBA for solidly preparing her for this challenge.

“My Tippie MBA degree provided me with a well-rounded business education that helps me to understand my customer’s challenges from a variety of angles. I can effectively respond with a solution that tackles stakeholder needs from across my customer’s business.”

“GE Healthcare provides cutting-edge technologies and solutions that are redefining patient care in the health care industry. For us to succeed and keep innovating at such a fast pace, our organization needs individuals with the business acumen to make sound decisions in a complex and dynamic environment.

These are the skills Tippie helped me to develop.”