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John Murry

John Murry

Associate Professor of Marketing


Ph.D. in Marketing, The University of Kansas, 1988
MBA in Marketing, The University of Kansas, 1987
B.S. in Marketing, Kansas State University, 1979

Managing a product—from inception to launch and through the various stages of the product life cycle—is big business. Tippie marketing associate professor John Murry knows these stages well through his work both in and outside the classroom.

Murry came to The University of Iowa in 2000 and teaches brand and product management in a number of different MBA courses. In addition to his teaching and research, Murry is a partner in a consulting firm out of Atlanta that works with large corporations on brand and product issues.

Murray does new product work for such companies as 3M, Samsung, and Genentech and is also called upon as an expert witness in litigation for companies and brands such as Nestle and GlaxoSmithKline.

This work enables Murry to be a conduit between the academic world and the world of business. He brings academic knowledge to the companies he works with and then brings that consulting knowledge back to the classroom.

"These consulting projects have had a great impact on my teaching," said Murry. "I am able to bring examples into the classroom and use them as illustrations of issues that we are discussing."

Murry's corporate relationships have provided students experiential learning opportunities in real problems through projects with companies such as XM Radio, Roadway Express, Mohawk Industries, Kraft, TAP Pharmaceuticals, and McDonald's.  Both students and their corporate clients have benefited from the detailed analysis and recommendations conducted by student teams.

Murry has also encouraged and provided students with opportunities to work on social service agency projects. For example, his students developed a plan to help promote the use of the Ponseti Method of treating clubfoot to third world countries.

"Students need to learn that their knowledge has applications outside the world of business," said Murry. "As business leaders, they have an ethical and social responsibility to share their skills."