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Miles Kirkpatrick

Miles Kirkpatrick

Senior Business Development Manager


MBA 2010




Xbox Live, Microsoft

How did receiving a Tippie MBA prepare you for your career?   

Tippie does a few things really well. The curriculum gives you the tools to perform the quantitative analysis necessary to excel in corporate America. I found that my skills were more advanced than my peers because of what I learned while in school. Tippie also does a great job of offering a mix of real-world application into the curriculum. Solving an actual business problem and working for actual clients was an extremely valuable experience. Also, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that Iowa City is a great place to spend 2 years of your life!

What type of impact did the program have on you both socially and academically?  

Being part of a small program was exactly what I was looking for in a MBA program. I looked at several larger schools and was turned off by the large class sizes and the lack of communication between faculty and the students. At Tippie, I had a class of 9 students which was exactly the kind of one-on-one exposure to faculty that I was going for. The social atmosphere is great, and I'm still very close with several of my classmates. The emphasis on group work forces collaboration, which is paramount in the marketing field.

How did the consulting opportunities (BSC) prepare you for future success? 

Yes, I participated in two projects once as a team member and then again as a team leader. Being a team leader was the most memorable experience of my MBA career because it forced me to develop and put into practice leadership skills. The projects are real and the experience presenting to C-suite execs is something that I pull from today when I prepare for client pitches. It's a class that takes the skills you learn in a classroom and puts them to use in an actual situation. Every class should strive to be more like this one.

What was the environment like both on and off campus, in and out of the classroom?

The classroom was open and honest, a very productive environment. The small class size also promoted candid discussion and was welcoming to questions and comments. Outside the classroom, we had a lot of fun as a class. From chili cook-offs to Thursday night get togethers to tailgating, Iowa City is a great spot to spend time.

What were you seeking when you started an MBA, and do you feel that your Tippie MBA helped you achieve it?

I was seeking career direction. I didn't know what field I wanted to pursue and Tippie gave me an environment to test several different fields. When I graduated, I had a firm grasp of what I wanted to pursue and the steps I needed to take in order to make that happen.

How did your participation in extra activities enhance your experience or prepare you for success?

Participating in extra activities is key because it helps you forge relationships with classmates as well as faculty. Class work serves its purpose to educate, but the extra activities help students apply these skills.

What do you feel sets Tippie apart and above other similar MBA programs? In short, what makes Tippie special?

Tippie is a special place and I owe a lot of my success to the things that I learned while a student. The people are what sets it apart. I was pleasantly surprised at how engaged all of the faculty was in my development as a student. They gave me all of the support I needed and I felt that they were always on my side. The small class size helped this as well and being able to get one-on-one time with my professors was a real bonus.