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Tanner Scott

Tanner Scott

Finance Graduate Associate


MBA 2011





How did receiving a Tippie MBA prepare you for your career?   

Most of all, the program at Tippie taught me how to sell myself from day one. This was critical considering that the national career fairs start less than a month after the first day of class.  For me, it was a huge bonus that the faculty at Tippie were able to combine these softer skills within a curriculum that was already great at teaching the technical skills of business.  

What type of impact did the program have on you both socially and academically? 

The smaller program was great for developing truly lasting relationships with my classmates. This shows through in how loyal and supportive the Tippie alumni base has become.  

What do you feel sets Tippie apart and above other similar MBA programs? In short, what makes Tippie special?  

What makes Tippie special is that they offer a world-class MBA program that gives you all of the tools necessary to maximize your return on investment, at a great price. You won't be able to find better value for your dollar at any other school in the nation.