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Katie Lyon

Katie Lyon

Consultant, Higher Education Division


MBA 2011





How did receiving a Tippie MBA prepare you for your career? 

The Tippie program is truly one of a kind when it comes to the quality of students, staff, and faculty. I appreciated not only the small class size, but the work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit of the students Tippie attracts. As a higher education consultant, I know firsthand how difficult it is to create an environment that allows for individualized and customized learning. Tippie is absolutely differentiated from other MBA programs here. It was wonderful leaving with friends and colleagues who will support me throughout my career and not just during my time as a student.

What were you seeking when you started an MBA, and do you feel that your Tippie MBA helped you achieve it?

I knew I wanted to work with a mission-driven company, having come from a nonprofit background.  But while I was here, my eyes were opened to various for-profit jobs, positions in different industries, and marketing roles that I had never considered. My career services advisor played a large part in broadening my career options, suggesting industries, job titles, and companies that matched my aspirations, as well as connecting me with alumni and professionals in the field. Tippie really helped me develop my professional network, something that’s proven invaluable in advancing my career.

How did your participation in extra activities enhance your experience or prepare you for success? 

I am really grateful for the opportunity to have had several substantial leadership roles during my time as a student. I had the opportunity to teach undergrad business students, lead a BSC project within a prominent hospital system, and lead the NAWMBA organization. Those three experiences combined with my internship within educational consulting really prepared me for and made me a competitive candidate for my role upon graduation. Tippie catapulted me into a professional level that otherwise would have taken me years to achieve.