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Nancy Hauserman

Nancy Hauserman

Professor of Management and Organizations
Williams Teaching Professor


J.D., The University of Iowa, 1976
B.A., English and Political Science, University of Rhode Island, 1971

One of the reasons Nancy Hauserman loves teaching so much is "the spark." As she explains, there are times when a teacher realizes that he or she has sparked something in a student. It might be when a student finally understands a problem or when they discover a new way to express or think of an issue. That spark is one of the many reasons Hauserman loves teaching.

The recipient of many teaching awards, including the prestigious Hancher Finkbine Medallion, Hauserman teaches ethics and law to business students in all of the Tippie College's programs. Her teaching helps students develop their critical-thinking and ethical decision-making skills. Her students help her learn more about being an effective teacher.

"An important part of teaching is continually exploring new ways to reach our students," said Hauserman. "Every student is different; each generation of students comes to education with a different perspective. We have to listen and discover how to best present the material so that it resonates in their world."

Hauserman is well-known for her research and has frequently collaborated with Tippie honors students on research projects. Many times, this is a student's first experience in formal research. As coauthors of the research papers, students travel with her to present papers at various conferences.

"When I hear a student present a paper we worked on, I am so proud because I can see how they have grown through the experience," said Hauserman. "I am just thrilled that I can provide that opportunity to them."   

Hauserman feels that it is important to be a good citizen—in both her personal and professional life. Since becoming a faculty member in 1976, she has been called upon to help the University community in many ways. She served as University ombudsperson, as dean of the Tippie College's undergraduate program, and on a number of different committees.

"My role as an educator extends beyond the classroom," said Hauserman.

There is no doubt that Hauserman finds teaching to be a rewarding profession. She has developed great friendships along the way.

"Sometimes you know immediately that you’ve made a difference in someone’s life," said Hauserman. "But there are times—sometimes years later—when someone reaches out to you and tells you of how your teaching, advice, or counsel helped them. It is so gratifying to learn that you’ve had a positive impact on someone’s life. And by them telling you so, they have, in turn, had a positive impact on your life as well."