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Ashish Singru

Ashish Singru

Senior Manager, Integrated Communications Insights & Analytics, Central Marketing Group


MBA 1996



Is marketing more art or science? For insight on this debate, talk to Ashish Singru (MBA 1996). 

As the person at Microsoft in charge of making sure that analysis-backed customer insights drive strategic marketing decisions at the world’s largest software provider, he couldn’t agree more about the increasing power of “science” in the marketing equation. 

Relying on more than 12 years of experience in marketing strategy, insights, and analytics, Ashish is currently pioneering work within Microsoft on designing a customer data analytics strategy that integrates diverse data sources for marketing campaigns—both offline and online, attitudinal and behavioral—and analyzes them via rigorous statistical analysis to improve holistic understanding of ROI from marketing efforts.

His work in these areas has helped Microsoft optimize its marketing communication resources to deliver customer engagement on complex cross-media campaigns for both its commercial and consumer products (Office and Windows).

"Here, we got closer to demonstrating the impact of advertising on revenue and profits. Anyone who has ever managed a marketing budget will likely agree this is both important and very difficult to do."

At that time, event marketing was becoming utilized and Ashish was able to connect analysis to inform decisions about and improve the return on promotional events.

"It’s also very rewarding because I get to work on a lot of products that really touch people’s lives in a very international arena.”

How has Tippie helped Ashish?

“Tippie helped me understand the strong cultural aspect of marketing, which I now get to apply.”

Ashish also credits the team-based project work that is the cornerstone of the Tippie experience.

“The real world is very team-oriented. I’m constantly working with people from different backgrounds and skill sets. My time at Tippie, from a soft-skill perspective, was very good preparation.”

Lastly, Ashish values the strength of the Tippie faculty.

“They did a good job of teaching us the basics of what are the main things to keep in mind when developing strategy and programs.”

Ashish currently lives in Seattle and writes a blog on Customer Management IQ ( where his podcast can also be viewed.