The Hawkinson Institute of Business Finance

Staying Involved with the Hawkinson Institute

Speaker Series

Many of the institute's most successful recruiting efforts are the result of the program's weekly seminars. Each Friday, scholars gather to listen to a speaker, participate in resume workshops, or engage in interview preparations. Companies from across the United States are invited to teach students and recruit.

If you would like to discuss the possiblity of participating in a speaker series, please contact us.


The Hawkinson Institute's activities are funded solely by endowed gifts and annual donations. In order for the program to progress and continue to fund education, internship, and travel expenses for scholars, your support is needed. Many alumni have found monetary donations to be an effective way to continue to support the program when they cannot be physically present.

To find out ways in which you can contribute to the Hawkinson Institute, visit the Hawkinson Institute donation page on the University of Iowa Foundation's website.


Alumni play an integral role in the recruitment and hiring for many of the program's scholars. The institute seeks to match the recruiter and student needs to help companies find the right people for the job without incurring many of the costs associated with on-campus recruiting.

If you would like to discuss recruiting opportunities with the Hawkinson Institute, please contact us.