The Hawkinson Institute of Business Finance

Tim Larsen

Tim Larsen

Graduate Student, Harvard Business School
Boston, Mass.

Which year were you admitted to the Hawkinson Program?


How did Hawkinson help you achieve your career goals?

Hawkinson exposed me to opportunities in investment banking and made me a more viable banking candidate. 

What is the most valuable thing you learned in Hawkinson?

I learned that it is virtually impossible to maximize your potential without pursuing jobs that challenge you and expose you to very smart and accomplished people.

How have you stayed connected to the program and the business college?

I have mentored numerous undergraduate students, presented to classes, and continue to serve on the Hawkinson Advisory Board.

Could you also specify where you interned and briefly describe your role as an intern?

I did not have a banking internship. Until fall of my senior year, I intended to go to law school.

Where do you work? (Please list all relevant jobs since graduation as well as locations and positions held.)

I am currently a student at Harvard Business School. Prior to HBS, I worked as an analyst and then as an associate in the Consumer Food & Retail M&A Group at Houlihan Lokey.

Please describe the responsibilities associated with your job or a typical day.

When I was in banking, my primary responsibilities included presenting opportunities to prospective buyers of our M&A clients, managing due diligence processes with the senior management teams of our clients, conducting strategic and financial analysis of current and prospective clients, and marketing and recruiting.

Please list any advice you may have for current scholars.

Pursue the most challenging jobs you can find. Never stop networking. Be a raving extrovert. Convey the utmost confidence. Most important, be yourself. Never compromise your values, interests, or personality just to appease someone else.