The Hawkinson Institute of Business Finance

Kiran Moorthy

Kiran Moorthy

Investment Banking Associate, Goldman Sachs
New York City

Which year were you admitted to the program?

I was admitted as a sophomore in the fall of 2007.

How is Hawkinson helping you achieve your career goals?

The Hawkinson Institute supplements my finance course work by exposing me to real-world case studies similar to the work I will face throughout my career. We attend weekly seminars that have helped to increase my understanding of potential career paths within the financial services industry. More specifically, the seminars provided invaluable information about investment banking that was not available in the classroom and also increased my knowledge about the capital markets.

In the same way, I have benefited from one-on-one collaborations with the directors, which focus on mock interviewing, resume assistance, and career advising. Above all, having the chance to interact and network with seasoned professionals and motivated peers has made the investment banking industry less abstract and my career goals more of a reality. Interacting with Hawkinson Institute alumni and gathering an insider's perspective on the field has streamlined my personal career aspirations.

What is the most valuable thing learned in Hawkinson?

With the amount of opportunities that the institute offers, it is difficult to pinpoint which aspect has been most valuable. In retrospect, obtaining a comprehensive understanding of what the investment banking industry is and does and, more importantly, learning from the alumni and professionals what it takes to truly succeed in the industry have both been invaluable. It has been inherently important for me to understand that investment banking is not always as glamorous as the media portrays it.

Where do you work? (Please list all relevant jobs since graduation as well as geographic locations and positions held.)

I've worked at Goldman Sachs in New York City in the investment banking division since my internship after my junior year in 2009.
Summer 2009: Intern in Public Sector Infrastructure
2010-2012: Analyst in Mergers Leadership Group
2012-Present: Analyst/Associate in the Industrials Group

Please describe the responsibilities associated with your job or a typical day.

I'm sure it sounds like a cliche, but there are very few "typical" days on the job. My responsibilities varies depending on the type of transaction I'm working on. On a sellside transaction, I could be doing a number of things: help construct management presentations, facilitate NDAs, attend presentations, manage virtual data room, and provide other timely processes. On a buyside transaction my job is more focused on valuation and financial analysis, bid strategy and client presentations. Outside of live transactions, I'm staffed on a number of client teams where we provide analysis regarding economic, market/industry trends and company specific comparison (operational metrics, valuation, acquisition ideas, a pro-forma analysis, etc.). 

How did Hawkinson help you achieve your career goals?

Hawkinson supplemented my finance course work by exposing me to real-world case studies in investment banking and provided me with a glimpse of the field which was not provided in my other finance classes. 

Please list any advice you may have for prospective scholars.

The University of Iowa has a number of resources that can provide students with an unparalleled opportunity to make a difference. The best advice that I can provide up-and-coming students would be to take advantage of the opportunity that surrounds you. Hawkinson is an excellent medium through which students can learn about themselves, expand their knowledge in finance and the capital markets, and eventually give back to the program and the university.