The Hawkinson Institute of Business Finance

Rob Teahen

Rob Teahen

Investment Banking Analyst, Credit Suisse
London, England

Which year were you admitted to the Hawkinson Program?

Fall 2003

How did Hawkinson help you achieve your career goals?

When I applied to the Hawkinson program, I was interested in a career in finance but was not sure in what capacity or even what specific career options were available. Through information sessions, guest speakers, and alumni networking events, the Hawkinson program presented a variety of potential career paths in a manner that allowed for insight that could not otherwise be obtained by simply reading job descriptions. This experience helped narrow my focus to a career in investment banking.

As I pursued this career avenue, the Hawkinson program offered direct preparation while also allowing for indirect development. Direct preparation was available through mock interviews, resume assistance, and career advice, while indirect development came in the form of exposure to professionals in the industry and networking experience. The preparation and development provided by the Hawkinson program served to complement the technical skills gained in Tippie finance courses and laid the foundation for the application and interview process. As a result, I was offered and accepted an investment banking position and was able to start my career in the role I found most interesting and appealing. The Hawkinson program helped shape my career vision and put me in a position to achieve my goal.

What is the most valuable thing you learned in Hawkinson?

The Hawkinson program taught me that luck favors the prepared. It is no accident that Hawkinson Scholars are able to compete for positions with students from target schools. The insight, background, and industry focus provided by the Hawkinson program results in a high level of preparation and awareness that is evident in the interview process.

Further, the program relies on creating opportunities for scholars. It is not merely through "being in the right place at the right time" that scholars land quality positions. Rather, it is through actively seeking out potential jobs through industry contacts and graduate recruitment programs. This proactive approach helps scholars get a foot in the door through interviews and opportunities that would otherwise not be possible. So, while a little good fortune helps, it is primarily through preparation and positioning that one is able to achieve his or her objectives.

How do you stay connected to the program and the business college?

A key feature of the Hawkinson program is alumni connections. As such, a number of Hawkinson Scholars have made contact while studying abroad in London. Meeting with scholars in an international environment to hear their views, address their interests and concerns, and share my experiences works to provide an additional perspective in the preparation process.

Please describe the responsibilities associated with your job or a typical day.

A typical day is largely a function of what I'm working on, who I'm working with, and the stage of the project. Still, a day will nearly always consist of a combination of meetings, conference calls, analytical work, and process management. In many situations, my responsibility is centered around the valuation work. This generally involves researching and gathering data to prepare a DCF, comparable companies analysis, and to look at comparable transactions.

One of the most rewarding aspects of the job is that even as a junior member of the team, analysts quickly build a unique knowledge base. In any given deal team, analysts are likely to be the one closest to the analysis, which means that people will often turn to me with questions. This allows for a specific role and contribution to add value to the team.

Please list any advice you may have for current scholars.

Take advantage of the resources available through the Tippie College of Business and the Hawkinson program. There are many experienced professionals who want to help you find a job. It is just up to you to utilize them.