Course Module Survey

In order to support the ongoing development of IEM course modules we need feedback from instructors who use them. The information you provide will be instrumental in assisting us. Please take a moment to fill out the following survey. We appreciate your assistance.

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1. Which module(s) have you used? (check all that apply)
    Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM)
    Federal Reserve Monetary Policy
    Financial Statement Analysis
    Macroeconomics and Politics
    Personal Finance
    Predicting Federal Reserve Policy
    Security Markets Structures
    Supply, Demand, and Equilibrium
2. Did you use the entire module or just a portion of it?
    Entire Module Portion(s)
3. If you used just portions, which did you use?
    Lecture Materials
    PowerPoint Presentation
    Internet Resources
4. Did you modify the module for use in your class?
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5. Did you find the module easy to use?
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6. What changes would you like to see made to the module?
7. Other comments
8. Would you like us to contact you regarding your comments?
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9. May we use your comments in our research?
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