Project Partners

IEM*IDEA partners are faculty and administrators from US minority colleges, 4-year teaching colleges and community colleges. They have attended an IEM*IDEA sponsored conference where they learned the history of the IEM, how to use the IEM and how to integrate it into the classroom as a teaching and research tool with undergraduate students.

They have agreed to use the IEM in their courses to provide a hands-on interactive learning environment for their students. They believe the IEM is a valuable addition to their courses because it helps students become more aware of economic and political events and will encourage students to explore local and national issues and better understand the connections between politics and economics.

The IEM*IDEA faculty agree that it is important for students to understand how financial markets work so they can take an active role and make better decisions when they manage their savings, investments, pension and retirement plans. Using the IEM enhances economic literacy and leads to increased understanding about these issues.

We welcome you to join us in this project. Please note that to participate in IEM*IDEA you must meet these requirements:

  1. Be a faculty member or administrator at a minority college, 4-year teaching college or community college
  2. Attend an IEM*IDEA sponsored conference within the time frame of the project (1998-2000)
  3. Develop course materials on integrating the IEM into the classroom and agree to have your students use the IEM
  4. Work with faculty and staff to help develop new markets which will engage your students' interest
  5. Assist project evaluation by administering pre and post tests to your students and completing faculty surveys
  6. Write a report, in May of every program year, detailing how you used the IEM with your students
  7. You and your students must have access to the Internet and the ability to telnet to the IEM

How Do I Join?

To receive more information about IEM*IDEA and to inquire about becoming a project partner contact the IEM*IDEA program manager, Jeanine Alcocer at 319-335-0794, or email