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"The inherent advantages of a financial market are the inspiration behind the University of Iowa College of Business Administration electronic market in election outcomes. ... Accordingly, international emerging investors who are following the current Russian election may want to keep an eye on this analytical tool." — Merrill Lynch, This Week in High Yield, May 3, 1996

"Based on its performance in Russia, we expect that the international emerging markets investors will perceive the Electronic Market as a useful handicapping tool for future elections in the world's major countries." — Martin S. Fridson, CFA, and M. Christopher Garman, Global High Yield Strategy, Merrill Lynch, Emerging Markets Credit Biweekly, July 10, 1996

"Another useful website to monitor the campaign is the Iowa Electronic Market. This effort by the University of Iowa's Business School has received much press attention in recent election years." — Thomas D. Gallagher, Lehman Brothers, Fixed Income Research Relative Value Report, August 19, 1996