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12/14/2003 IEM's Successes Cited (New York Times)
12/05/2003 IEM Provides Election Insights (Reason.com)


11/21/2003 Neumann Quoted On Out-Migration Of Young People (Bismarck Tribune)
11/20/2003 IEM Predicts Voter Behavior (Campaigns and Elections, October/November 2003)


10/20/2003 Futures Market Gets It Right on Recall Prediction (Los Angeles Times)
10/18/2003 IEM Cited In Story on Making Predictions (Science News Online)
10/08/2003 Columnist Cites IEM (Los Angeles Times)
10/07/2003 Nelson Explains IEM (North Gate News)
10/06/2003 IEM Futures Showed Schwarzenegger Victory (Las Vegas Review-Journal)
10/06/2003 Democrats Lead in IEM (CNNMoney.com)
10/02/2003 IEM Cited in Election Market Story (New York Times)


09/16/2003 Rietz Comments on IEM, Presidential Race (CNNFN)
09/13/2003 IEM Noted As "Granddaddy" of Information Markets (Fortune)
09/08/2003 Nelson: Markets Good at Aggregating Information (Chicago Business)
09/08/2003 IEM Offers California Recall Market (Los Angeles Times)
09/08/2003 Berg Comments on IEM (BizReport)
09/07/2003 Berg Comments on IEM (Washington Post)
09/05/2003 Futures Market Started for Recall (San Jose Business Journal)
09/01/2003 IEM Starts California Recall Market (Daily Bulletin)


08/23/2003 IEM Called 'Granddaddy' of Futures Markets (Rocky Mountain News)
08/12/2003 IEM, Electronic Markets Praised (Hampton Roads Daily Press)
08/11/2003 Column Recommends IEM for Election Watchers (Village Voice)
08/11/2003 Neumann Comments on Terrorism Market (Time)
08/08/2003 Forsythe Comments on IEM Predicting Election Results (Science)
08/07/2003 Forsythe Explains Markets (Philadelphia News)
08/05/2003 IEM Cited in Story on Futures Markets (Business Standard)
08/04/2003 Article: IEM Has Reliable Record (Boston Globe)
08/04/2003 Forsythe: Futures Reliable Indicators (Wired News)
08/03/2003 Rietz: IEM May Succeed Because of Impartiality (Newsweek)
08/03/2003 UI Futures Market Eyed Powell Candidacy (Washington Post)
08/03/2003 Neumann Comments on Futures Markets (Toronto Star)
08/02/2003 Pentagon Futures Market Modeled on IEM (Sydney Morning Herald)
08/02/2003 IEM Cited in Story on Pentagon Futures Market (Houston Chronicle)
08/02/2003 UI's Futures Market Cited (Providence Journal Bulletin)
08/01/2003 Columnist: Pentagon Futures Market Had Potential (Wall Street Journal)
08/01/2003 Forsythe Comments on Failed Pentagon Plan (U.S. News & World Report)
08/01/2003 IEM Is Inspiration for Pentagon Futures Market (Washington Post)


07/31/2003 Scuttled Pentagon Plan Was Based on IEM (WISC.com)
07/31/2003 IEM Cited As Model That Works (New York Times)
07/31/2003 IEM Is Solid Nonfinancial Market (Philadelphia Inquirer)
07/30/2003 Forsythe Comments on Pentagon Idea (Bloomberg.com)
07/30/2003 Newman Comments on Market Effectiveness (Chicago Tribune)
07/30/2003 IEM Effectiveness Cited (Wired.com)
07/30/2003 Columnist Blasts 'Terrorism Market' (Washington Post)
07/30/2003 IEM Noted In Policy Market Story (San Francisco Chronicle)
07/30/2003 Neumann Comments on Information Markets (NPR)
07/30/2003 Berg, Rietz Comment on Policy Market (New Scientist)
07/30/2003 IEM Served As Model (Australian Financial Review)
07/29/2003 IEM Was Model for Project (San Diego Union Tribune)
07/29/2003 Pentagon Futures Market Scrapped (CNNFN)
07/29/2003 Neumann Explains Futures Markets (Orange County Register)
07/29/2003 IEM Noted in Policy Market Article (San Francisco Chronicle)
07/29/2003 Futures Exchange Loosely Based on IEM (Wall Street Journal)
07/28/2003 Forsythe Comments on IEM's Record (CBS News)
07/26/2003 Berg, Nelson Explain IEM (MSNBC)
07/24/2003 Berg Demonstrates IEM (MSNBC)


04/15/2003 Nelson Comments on Markets (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)


03/17/2003 Iowa Market Trades on News (Chicago Tribune)
03/16/2003 Nelson Quoted (Minneapolis Star Tribune)
03/11/2003 Gruca Comments on IEM (CNNMoney)
03/01/2003 Nelson on Markets (Atlanta Journal Constitution)


02/28/2003 IEM Is Now Open (Minnesota Public Radio)
02/25/2003 IEM Noted in Markets Article (CBS Marketwatch)
02/24/2003 Futures Market Story Cites IEM (Houston Chronicle)
02/19/2003 Nelson Comments on Websites Tracking War (Fortune magazine)
02/18/2003 Article on Probability of War Cites IEM (Sydney Morning Herald)


01/17/2003 Gruca Comments on Markets, IEM (CNN Money)