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11/17/2006 Political Junkies Trade In E-Markets (Northwest Florida Daily News)
11/09/2006 Traders Watch IEM Before Elections (Pittsburg Post Gazette)
11/09/2006 Some Use IEM To Bet On Elections (Wall Street Journal)
11/07/2006 IEM Helps Gauge Public Opinion (The Tennessean)
11/07/2006 IEM Trading Analyzed (Wall Street Journal)
11/07/2006 IEM: Democrats Take House, Republicans Senate (IEM: Democrats Take House, Republicans Senate)
11/07/2006 IEM Indicated Split Congress (Wall Street Journal)
11/06/2006 UI Market Demonstrates 'Wisdom of Crowds' (Spokesman Review)
11/06/2006 IEM Noted As Prediction Market (Newsweek)
11/05/2006 UI Electronic Markets Beat The Pundits (ABC News)
11/04/2006 Iowa Electronic Markets Predict Gridlock (Dallas News)
11/02/2006 Iowa Electronic Markets Predict Democratic Win (New York Sun)
11/01/2006 IEM Cited In Election Story (The Standard)
11/01/2006 Iowa Electronic Markets Predict Democratic Win (Bloomberg.com)


10/31/2006 IEM Has Poll-Beating Reputation (Rocky Mount Telegram)
10/26/2006 IEM Puts Democrats Ahead In House Races (Wall Street Journal)
10/24/2006 Nelson: Markets More Accurate Than Polls (NewsMax)
10/24/2006 IEM Teaches Market Mechanics (Motley Fool)
10/12/2006 Berg Comments On Latest IEM Data (Futuretense.com)
10/11/2006 GOP Takes Hit On IEM (CNN)
10/10/2006 Futures Markets Predicted Election Outcomes (Pittsburg Tribune-Review)
10/09/2006 Political Markets Show Futures' Predictive Role (Wall Street Journal)
10/09/2006 Internet Gambling Law Could Thwart UI Research (New York Times)
10/05/2006 Berg: IEM More Accurate Than Polls (Boston Herald)
10/02/2006 Iowa Futures Market Examined by Wall Street (Wall Street Journal)
10/02/2006 IEM Noted As Election Market (CNN Money)


09/28/2006 IEM Seen As Election Indicator (CNN)
09/27/2006 IEM Tracks Congressional Control (Wall Street Journal)
09/20/2006 IEM Results 'Eerily Close' To Outcome (Investor's Business Daily)


08/30/2006 IEM Rates GOP Chances Of Holding House, Senate (Wall Street Journal)


06/01/2006 IEM Noted As Oldest, Best-Known (Kiplinger's Personal Finance)


03/11/2006 IEM Noted As Prediction Market (New York Times)