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12/27/2007 Tippie College Runs Political Futures Market (Canoe)
12/18/2007 IEM forecasted election winners (Slate)
12/18/2007 UI prediction market has high success rate (Toronto Globe and Mail)
12/14/2007 IEM performs well in recent election cycles (Economist)
12/08/2007 Iowa Electronic Markets add Huckabee (Morning News)
12/07/2007 IEM puts Iowa on the map as more accurate tool (Financial Times)


11/30/2007 IEM shows shift to 'rest of the field' (Scripps News)
11/26/2007 Giuliani, Clinton lead on IEM (Rocky Mountain News)
11/15/2007 IEM used to track Clinton after negative news (Chicago Sun-Times)
11/06/2007 Berg, business students discuss Iowa Electronic Markets (PBS)
11/04/2007 Iowa Electronic Markets continue tradition (New York Times)


10/29/2007 IEM sees Giuliani/Clinton race (Reuters)
10/15/2007 IEM noted as successful prediction market (Forbes)


09/30/2007 Iowa Electronic Markets cited (Seattle Times)
09/23/2007 Iowa Electronic Markets prove accurate (Sunday Times)


08/22/2007 Berg: IEM more accurate than polls (Campaigns & Elections)
08/14/2007 Markets Predict Hurricane Paths, Damage (Saint Petersburg Times)


07/23/2007 UI Started Prediction Markets (GreatReporter.com)
07/16/2007 IEM Recognized As Leading Market (Online Opinion)
07/02/2007 Electronic Markets Pioneered by UI Now Include Farmers (Omaha World-Herald, )


06/27/2007 Clinton Leading, McCain Fading on IEM (TheStreet.)
06/23/2007 IEM Lets Investors Wager in Presidential Elections (Madera Tribune)
06/23/2007 IEM Is Leading 'Prediction Market' (International Herald Tribune)
06/17/2007 Farmetrics Is Based on IEM (Fort Wayne Journal Gazette)
06/14/2007 UI Electronic Market More Accurate Than Any Poll (Popular Science)
06/14/2007 IEM Noted As Political Futures Market (Chicago Sun-Times)
06/07/2007 IEM Profiled (Daily Kos)


05/07/2007 Berg Explains IEM (NY Newsday)


04/27/2007 Article Asks: Are Political Markets Legal? (Slate)
04/17/2007 Chicago Olympic Market Might Have Value, Says Reitz (Chicago Tribune)
04/14/2007 Iowa Electronic Markets Inspired Farmetrics (Garden City Telegram)
04/12/2007 Crop Prediction Contest Based On IEM (Arkansas Democrat Gazette)
04/07/2007 Rietz Describes Iowa Electronic Markets (Dispatch-Argus)
04/03/2007 IEM Cited As Successful Prediction Market (Philadelphia Inquirer)
04/01/2007 Columnist Discusses IEM (Philadelphia Inquirer)


03/22/2007 Story Explains Iowa Electronic Markets (MSNBC)
03/20/2007 Slate to Publish IEM Data (Slate.com)
03/13/2007 IEM Conducted Hurricane Futures Market (South Florida Sun Sentinel)
03/09/2007 UI Futures Market Success Noted (Philadelphia Inquirer)
03/09/2007 Opinion Piece: Electronic Markets Accurate (Philadelphia Inquirer)
03/07/2007 Futures Markets Are Noted for Accuracy (Salt Lake Tribune)
03/07/2007 Writer: UI Political Futures Markets Very Accurate (China Post)
03/05/2007 Op-Ed Column Cites UI Markets (Washington Post)


02/24/2007 Net Firm Emulates UI Political Markets (Chicago Tribune)