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12/21/2011 IEM Was Predecessor to Proposed Binary Election Options (Business Wire)
12/19/2011 Rietz Describes Accuracy of Iowa Electronic Markets (Reuters)
12/08/2011 Betting on the Elections--Why Do Gamblers Beat Polls? (Money Talks News)


11/30/2011 How to Make a Profit in Politics (MSNBC)
11/16/2011 Betting on Politics--and Getting it Right (CNN)
11/08/2011 Predictive Ability of Small Markets: Iowa Electronic Markets (HomePriceFutures.com)
11/03/2011 Next President for Sale: Cheap (Forbes)


10/26/2011 Romney Leads the Iowa Electronic Markets (The Iowa Independent)
10/25/2011 iPredict Elections Show: Stratos TV Bets on a Sure Thing (Scoop Independent News)


09/02/2011 Polls and Bears: Can Markets Predict Elections Better than Pollsters? (PBS)


07/18/2011 IEM Studies the Predictive Power of Markets (MSNBC Cosmic Log)
07/07/2011 Early IEM Trading Gives Edge to Obama (The Gazette)